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I live near Fremantle, Western Australia. If you enjoy my images please feel free to print or download any for private enjoyment. - Also visit my daily family safe weblog at Fremantlebiz: I have another online image cache at Picasa: Oh, and don't forget to check out my family safe YouTube site:

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This is a postcard image of Serpentine Falls, Western Australia. The postmark on the reverse side is 1912. From my private collection. Paul R. Weaver.

For more information on this image and the Serpentine Falls go to Fremantlebiz.

This is a Chinese warrior themed pond constructed for motorbike frogs (Litoria moorei). For more information on this picture go to Fremantlebiz

This is a juvenile motorbike frog (Litoria moorei) hunting flies on a mint bush mid-morning. For more information on this picture go to Fremantlebiz

This is an adult motorbike frog (Litoria moorei) hunting at night. For more information on this picture go to Fremantlebiz

My idea of what contributes to a perfect breakfast in our back garden on a warm summer morning - chilled, chopped tomato on toast - sprinkled with coarse-ground pepper. Yum!

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Eating-in Mediterranean style in Palmyra. For more information on this picture go to Fremantlebiz.

The bleak view is of the coast stretching south from Hillarys Boat Harbour. Some of the taller features of Fremantle port can be seen above the horizon on the right side of the image. It was taken from the above the southern breakwater at Hillarys where the AQUA marine aquarium is situated. Much of this section of coast contains relatively shallow limestone reef. Watercraft need to keep out to sea on the passage to Fremantle. Read more about this image at Fremantlebiz

Facing westward from Angus Avenue, I took this photo of a wildfire at Spearwood on the afternoon of 16 January 2008. Paul R. Weaver. Read more about the image at Fremantlebiz.

Eager Beaver's was a very popular shop for approximately a half dozen years. It specialized in cheap niknacks. This image was taken on its final day of business, 18 January 2008. I was told the operators were unable to match a three-fold increased rental bid by a another prospective tennant. Read more about this image at Fremantlebiz.

The shop with the newspapers on the windows is a former Jester's Pie franchise. It closed in the latter half of 2007. A contributing factor was the late 2006 opening of a larger bakery specializing in pies on the next block. Tho doors to the left of the former Jester's operation a Pizza Hut franchise closed its doors in early 2007. Both premises were still vacant in January 2008. The dive shop which can seen on the left of this image appears to be successful. Read more about this image at Fremantlebiz.


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