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I'm not a photographer (they make money) I'm a permanent tourist..... Therefore, have taken around 13,000 pictures.... And about 100 of them are breathtaking..... Some people think I have talent... Some have looked at my photo's and couldn't see anything special.... I look at my photo's and remember the wonderful memories. Not to mention, the feeling and emotion, that I had when I took them... Or, should I say, got from them.... I see everything everyone else can see... I just slow down, take the time, and really notice them....
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I didn't see a thing , when i was taking this pic... the sky was overcast but soooo bright, I just aimed and hoped for the best... I am going back to St Louis hopefully next month, I can't wait, the Autumn is beautiful there !

Pretty quiet, -for a few minutes, then a family came by with their two golden retrivers and those dogs had a great time playing in the snow...

I am the winner, ..... everybody who knows my stupid cat with ADHD loves this pic... he lost interest soon, the bee was not moving fast enough to be a challenge...

I was at the river front, the little corner missing is part of the Hawthorne bridge ( I think ) I didn't realised we had the full moon that night, suddenly there it was, OMG ! Where is my tripod !?!?! I call this my Pack Man Moon

Tripod! I had my camera set on "Bulb" and used the remote, to be honest, I was bored with shooting fireworks...seemed all the pics were the same, and my eyes felt very tired....

I think you get stoned or if you touch the roses at Washington park, so no.. all the rose shots are still on the rosebush, unharmed by me..lots of nice roses at Washington park, not so many at Peninsula park I live in Vancouver, my husband was an USAF pilot, so we did get around a bit, however I made a point to get to know the place where we live, so that 's how i ended up with all the local shots... good practice also, I am very much a beginner at photography How'bout you ? is this a hobby or a profession? more of my photos on FaceBook , -Ilona LaRue

Suggestion, throw out the map/gps. and try and find it by site. Much more fun!! We had a blast trying to find it!

This is fantastic! :)

Indeed... just not long ago drove by this, there was no place to park, so i had to keep going... I am sure you have seen the close up of the Falls, I do not recommend you take that shot... I heard some chirping noises above, I looked up and i discovered I was standing under several high voltage cabel... for a few seconds I was paralized with fear... then somehow i made it out of there...

I recognise those mossy rocks too... this is getting eerie.. are we long lost relatives ?


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