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Thanks for the tip MLV, which I will pass on to my sister living in the area.

I am, however, now pretty sure of that it is a kind of shock absorbers from the time when Tidewater Oil Services Inc. had a bunker station here.

Thanks anyway for looking into my gallery and leave a pleasant comment. :-)

Greetings and all the best from Norway,


I was tempted Marianne, but after a second thought I believe I'd better refrain from further commenting on this subject. ;-))

Anyway it's great to see this sign of life from you. :-)

Best wishes to Bodø,


At that time I could drive all the way to the dam-top as there was no snow then.

I'm now playing with the thought of bringing my bike up there, drive as far as it goes to the roadblock at the county border and then ride to the Storevass dam at the other end of Blåsjø. It's a 15 km. ride forth and back, but if the road isn't too hilly, I think I could make it within a day.

We'll see. ;-)

Thanks for your visit and comment on this old photo.

Greetings and hugs,


I know you would Amelia. :-)

No Irishman tomorrow due to a family event, but I guess I will survive for this Saturday only. ;-))

Cheers anyway,


Wonderful family, a lovely portrait. L+F and all the best.


Thanks again for your visit and your praising words Faroma.

I'm very glad you Like this photo. :-)

Greetings and best wishes from Norway,


Thanks a lot for your visit, your pleasant words and your generous ratings Faroma!

Greetings and best wishes to Bratislava,


So let me consult my archives Amelia. No photos from the fourth of July, but I had a nice trip to Håtangen on the third. ;-))

Thanks for visit and praising words.

Greetings and all the best,


That reminds me Marion; that I met some Australians at the pub earlier this summer. Do you know if she's been to Stavanger? ;-))

Thanks anyway for your visit, comment and Like.

Greetings and best wishes goes Down Under,




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