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I'm a retired engineer. I ride a 400cc Suzuki Burgman motorscooter and I live in Oamaru, South Island of New Zealand. I have two adult daughters. My interests (if you haven't worked it out) include New Zealand's heritage of engineering works, snapshot photography of the built environment and recording pastoral farming activities around here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE NOTE THAT MANY PHOTOGRAPHS ON THIS PANORAMIO SITE HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY ACCESSING HERITAGE BUILDINGS, STRUCTURES, AND ENGINEERING ARTIFACTS WHICH LIE ON PRIVATE LAND. PUBLICATION OF PHOTOGRAPHS ON THIS SITE DOES NOT IMPLY ANY PUBLIC RIGHTS OF ACCESS. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT A FEW PHOTOS ON THIS SITE ARE NOT MINE, AND THAT MANY ARE TAKEN INDOORS AND ARE OF MACHINERY AND THAT THIS APPARENTLY CONTRADICTS THE TERMS OF USE OF THE PANORAMIO WEBSITE. I HAVE HAD THE SITE MODERATORS' APPROVAL FOR USING THE SITE THIS WAY AS ALL SUCH PHOTOS LINK IN SOME FASHION TO MY OWN PHOTOGRAPHS OF PLACES IN NEW ZEALAND WHERE ARTIFACTS OF ENGINEERING OR PASTORAL OR INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE CAN STILL BE FOUND. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY INTENTION IS NOT TO USURP THE RIGHTS OF THE HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPHERS NOR OF COPYRIGHT OWNERS, AND CREDIT IS GIVEN WHERE I CAN. I have made an endeavour to contact copyright holders of material published on these pages and where appropriate, permission is still being sought for these items. Where replies were not received, or where the copyright owner has not been able to be traced, or where the permission is still being sought, I have decided, in good faith, to proceed with publication. I would be happy to hear from copyright owners at any time to discuss usage of item. IF YOU GO TO THE PLACES WHERE MY OWN PHOTOGRAPHS HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE MODERATORS TO BE IN THE PHOTOS LAYER ON GOOGLE EARTH, MY HOPE IS THAT THE OTHER HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPHS (which will not have been accepted by the moderators of Google Earth but which appear on these pages) WILL STIMULATE YOU TO THINK ABOUT THE ENGINEERS, ENTREPRENEURS, INVESTORS, THE WORKERS AND OPERATORS AND ALL THE PEOPLE, NOW GONE, WHOSE LIVES WERE INEXTRICABLY TIED TO THESE PLACES AND THESE ENDEAVOURS. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS AND I WELCOME INPUT INTO THIS WORK -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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no - stone for the aqueduct piers (support columns) was quarried here - see other pics for the aqueduct. That makes the last one to see now and I have seen all the tunnels and walked through one! (the shortest as I'm really no use underground!)


check your spelling on this one

This is the Arowhenua War Memorial. When the sun is right ie early in the morning! I will photograph it too, and the tablets (close-up) for the Ministry of Culture and Heritage website.

In that respect Francis, if you see any small war Memorials (not the big towns they are pretty well already done) can you let me know where.

A low res photo would be nice, but you don't need to do the detail photos unless you want to - I get a kik out of going there to do them myself.

Do you know the website I'm posting pictures on??


Hi Bruce ,

Didn't know there was gold down there so thanks for the pics and the heads up


Hi Bruce ,

this statue is sponsored by who?

Hiya Eva. Is this you on the right? What an amazing number of photos you have added to Google Earth. What a resource, what a treasure Google Earth is. I have done a few (in North Otago)

do you live in Wellington NZ by any chance - thanks for all the Wellington photos (my old home town)

spelling Francis! - Lyell Creek

Otherwise a few hours on the net at 2:22 am well spent looking at your photographs (and doing other things)

do you have an e-mail address willing to swap.

Amazing shot Bruce,well done, Great to actually talk to a fellow Google Earth contributor,it made my day. Keep snapping

Regards Francis

Pretty. In October 2004 I was collecting diatomite on the face of the cliff. This is known as Williams Bluff or Lorne Escarpment in Oamaru diatom circles.


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