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My name is Troy McMullin. After spending many years in St. Louis, Missouri, my wife and I decided to quit our jobs and travel for awhile. We loaded up the Jeep with bikes, skis, and other gear and set out on a year-long exploration in hopes of finding a better place to call home. We spent lots of time checking out various towns in the Rocky Mountain States and then made our way over to California and up through the Pacific Northwest, where we eventually found Bend, Oregon. Bend is located in the middle of the state, right where the Cascade Mountain range transitions into the high desert. In addition to having great micro breweries, biking, and skiing, Bend is also amazingly close to some of the country’s most scenic streams, waterfalls, alpine lakes, old growth forests, desert rock formations, and coastline. In other words, it’s hard to live here and not end up with a pretty good photo collection. The following pages contain photographs from some of my favorite places in Oregon. I hope you enjoy them. For more great photos, please visit my good friend’s website ( or our new Pacific Crest Stock website( Thanks for visiting, Troy

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S U P E R B E !!!!!!!!!

Thanks Tom. I've hiked into this spot many times in the past, but this was the first time that I went there specifically to photograph the meadow at sunrise. It was a calm morning and the light really lit up the mountain. I was very happy.

I think if you upload your pictures with less in resolution as the original one (e.g. this is "only" at 1500 x 1203 pixels) then nobody could say (if downloaded this one) he is the owner of this picture because current digi-cams will provide much bigger pics and such small one can never be the original. By the way: Each chip (CCD, CMOS, ...) produces a individual fingerprint at each picture. Nevertheless it is your decision and I will live with it because your pics are very worth to see.


wanderful flowers nice colours regards my contest

Thank you very much. I recently uploaded a few more of my favorite photos from this year. I think the new collection really shows off how many different types of landscapes we have in Oregon.

If you come out for a visit, I think you will be amazed at how quickly you can drive from the ocean, through rainforests, over mountain passes, and into the high desert cliffs. Oregon is a really special place.

I've heard great things about the 40D, and I completely agree with your assessment of image stabilization. My 24-105mm f/4L lens has IS, and I've rarely found it to be helpful. In fact, I usually have it turned off so it doesn't run down my battery.

Thanks Rob. As you know, reflections are either the result of lots of persistence or lots of luck. In this case, I just got lucky. I recently uploaded some new photographs with a few more lucky moments. I was especially happy with the reflection at Strawberry Lake because that lake is a long drive from Bend and I only had one morning to get the shot right (i.e., persistence was not an option). I was very relieved when I crawled out of the tent and realized there was no wind blowing. It made for a much nicer drive home :-)

Very nice & beatiful flowers, thanks for sharing,

Greetings, Tahir

The Painted Hills definitely look like something from another world. I'm planning to visit another nearby area this weekend called the "Blue Basin," which looks like some sort of strange moonscape. If the weather cooperates, I'll soon be uploading some photos from that trip.


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