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I have been photographing Oregon since 2001. I mainly do landscapes. They seem to be much easier to work with :) I am drawn to the outdoors because I feel most at peace in nature. I would love to do a book someday. Maybe with a focus on the environment. I believe nature photographers get a front row seat to observe climate change and its tangeable effects on the land. With their cameras ready to record the proof. I feel a need at this time to preserve the land through my photos. Check out my Personel Gallery at http://www.sacred-earth-studios.com

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Hello Jim,

Yes this was a nice surprise! I was on my last day out for the season searching for fall colors. Most of the Vine Maple on Mckenzie Pass Hwy was either green or already gone. Then I decided to hike the falls loop and found the open areas just filled with full peak fall color. It was really nice..

Thanks for the comment!.


Hello Yves,

Thankyou so much for the compliment and the vote..

Hope you have an awesome new year as well.


a Classic!

Great work!



Remembered... Excellent shot..

Thanks for sharing...



Hey, thanks for the compliment! :)

I just use my Photoshop Elements 5.0 stiching program. I use the Heal option to help fix any stich lines in the skies.

I end up using clone stamp to clone stamp over the stich line from the original image. That way the image retains a smooth transition from section to section.

Also I find that taking shots at 24mm or higher make it easier for the program to blend the sections together. I use to think the wider angle lens the better for stiching but I found that it causes some distortion and sections don't blend together very well.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!



Thanks for the kind compliments..

Have a Happy New Year..


Wow..., a perfect reflection! Congratulations!

Best regards!

Thanks for taking the time to construct and share such a marvelous scene.

Bill Gass,

Thanks for the compliment!




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