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I emailed you guys last March about the inappropriate marker locating the Wetherill Brothers "Cave 7" near the location of this photo. You should have that "data" as it is your specialty and I won't have to go into the cultural, archeological and historical significance of this basically unknown and completely un-protected site. Now I see that this photo, of a small ruin associated with the cave 7 site but otherwise completely routine for the area, is now displayed.

I really think the location of this photo is being knowingly used as a placemarker to indirectly refer yo the location of the Cave 7 site. There are plenty of other similar photos from relatively nearby sites without the significance of this particular site that could be posted if you just have to post a photo of a small ruin. Heck I'm visiting the area in a few weeks and I'll send you a few .

But please not in such a way that this particular site location can in essence be "book-marked" for one and all.

I realize this may seem whacky from the perspective of someone reading this in Palo Alto or wherever but you should bear in mind that site locations are VERY hard to find in the Cedar Mesa area backcountry without doing a lot of walking, research and having lots of experience, which generally tends to instill the appropriate amount of consideration, care and concern for these ancient yet very fragile sites. Placing this photo, which could draw novice explorers accidentally and certainly serve as a handy place marker for anyone wanting to "Point the Way" just further jeopardizes the Cave 7 site. Please remove the photo and try to refrain from doing anything to mark this particular side canyon.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

I feel proud you came near where I live. I see this view every day

They sell such fill at the Vulcan place that says, "Welcome to Earth" in Kitty Hawk. They also sell recycled asphalt.

Just lovely! I can't wait to get there!

Pueblo Bonito in the left background. Deer on the left is the "boss" buck staring me down.

February Day; walking back from Tsin Kletzin. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Got to get to this spot in the morning to get light into the cave.

Doesn't it look like it's underwater?


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