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Yup. This is where the great author grew up, I think, and retired to.

There are still a lot of Merry Pranksters around according to the vast amount of stuff on the web.

Thank you for all the information Faruku. Your pictures of Luxor in Picasa are wonderful. I will recommend them to all my friends who want to see Luxor. The night shots of Luxor Temple are fantastic. And the interior shots of the tombs and people shots too. I've been to Luxor several times. I walked past the wooden gears along the road and up the stairs to the Pyramid Mountain (more than once). One time in early 2005 I walked along the ridge behind the Valley of the Kings and around to the North, discovering the old caravan road which I followed back down the ancient ramp to the old town dump. I was slightly worried that the police in the distant observation posts would see me in their binoculars and come and arrest me for going outside the tourist areas. But they didn't see me I guess. There were excavated rooms in the cliffs not far from Howard Carter's house. The next time I'm in Luxor I'll pack some water and food and walk the caravan trail to the north. Thank you again, Max

This looks like a fossil to me, but you know I saw a lot of weird concretions in the rocks when I made my walk on the ridges above the Valley of the Kings. I wasn't too sure what they were. Max

I think this is a great photo. Too bad it wasn't selected. But it wouldn't be nearly as good without the person, just in order to appease G-E.

This old picture looks a lot like Waterloo Bridge, but I may be wrong. The real (1962) London Bridge is about half a mile downstream. It is near The Monument in the City of London and London Bridge Station. The previous London Bridge (1831) is now in Lake Havasu City, Arizona - moved circa 1962 I think. You can see it in Google Earth. An American developer named McColloch paid the City of London for it, so it wasn't the Brits paying back war debts. There is a story that McColloch thought that it was Tower Bridge that was for sale. I checked the tags for "London Bridge" and they were mostly on Tower Bridge. So McColloch wasn't the only one.

Good info Max Thank you

Gracias SyLM. It was cold at sunset when I took this picture. Max

I did not know that. Thanks for the info

Thank you for your suggestion. I repositioned this closer to the market.

These are the "Rainbow Tunnels". In the Summer of '66 when Flower Children were coming to San Francisco, a Cal DOT manager responsible for tunnel maintenance had a few buckets of paint of various colors left over from other jobs. He laudably joined in the spirit of the times and instructed his men to paint these rainbows over Highway 101. Even more incredibly, the rainbows have been maintained through thick and thin for over 40 years.



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