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Thank you for your comment. Piso Livadi is a great place. I'm going to try resubmitting this one to see if G-E will approve it. Max

By the way, for all you English speakers, "Nachfahren" is German for descendant.

Yeah, Andersonville is great as a memorial to POWs and MIAs of all wars. Also, as for history, FDR's Warm Springs is not very far away.

On the Icelandic geyser shot - yeah it was interesting to see a pool of water collect between the eruptions and then rise all at once when the pressure builds up from below. It all happens so fast, though, that you need a camera to stop the action. In a normal eruption you never actually see the dome with the bubbles beneath. BTW, at Old Faithful in Yellowstone they keep tourists about 50 yds back. On the X3D shots - there are are a number of websites devoted to X3D - which you are probably already aware of. They even have dual camera mounts and synchronization gadjets for sale. Max

A wonderful picture. When was the snow storm? Could you move it a few meters south out of Bury Knowle Park so as not to confuse non-Headingtonians?

Having graduated from USAF pilot training, I believe this aircraft is a T-33. All the F-80's I know of were single seat--did not have the long canopy of this a/c, and the tip tanks were under-slung--not mid mounted as these. Brought my grandson you your beautiful museum this past summer--it was very impressive. Thank you. go.

It has been pointed out to me that although Brownville WAS founded in 1854 and WANTED to be Nebraska's first Capitol, that it was not actually the first capitol. I am trying to correct the title of this picture.

After three hours trying to see any Ibex at all in the cliffs at an altitude of 4400 meters we were out of breath and ready to leave in the Toyota. Then a herd of them paraded slowly across the road and up the slope back toward their caves in the cliffs.

Great pic, but the title should be: "Moose on the loose". I guess in Canada you would have to say it in French too. No suggestions there.

This is the ledge looking South. If you are afraid of heights you hug the wall. Don't look down!!



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