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Thanks for your reply. It will remain an enigma. Yes remember doing this trip, Khartoum to Merowe via Korti, before the Eid. In a lorry with 50 or more others jammed in the back. At one point sitting right at the back of the lorry with a Sudanese gentleman hanging onto my legs so I wouldn;t fall out. Getting stuck in the sand and taking an hour to move 100 metres, with the sand ladders. Exciting times - it was 1983 and there was no tarmac at all ! Once again great pictures and thanks for posting.

Here is a better picture of Faiz in Panoramio which did not get accepted by Google Earth:

Best wishes


Hola Luis: If I understand your request, you would like more fotos of Chunchucmil. Sadly, I only have the ones I posted to Panoramio, which you have seen there. I was using a film camera in those days (2002) and was conserving film.

Max, we had to think of that aphorism quite a lot while in town. A few miles inland - completely different.

I resized this stereo pair to fit on a screen better a month ago and resubmitted it but It wasn't accepted. Go figure.

You can see it in Panoramio anyway.

I saw this statue a few years ago on a trip up the West Coast. It's Lincoln studying for his law degree as his horse slowly finds the way home.

If he could read a book without causing an accident, I guess it wouldn't have been a problem for him to text Mary or call his friends on his cell phone if cell phones had been available in those days.

Thanks Michael. It took me several tries to get this one. Luckily it erupts every 20 minutes or so. I'm going to try re-submitting this picture again for approval at G-E. It failed when I re-submitted it last year.

This is a wonderful panorama, and also, the lowest Panoramio ID I've ever seen.

I had to take out most of the apostrophes in the title. Maybe someone at O'Reilly's could help the G-E people fix the bug of the &#039 string displayed when you hover the mouse over the blue square.

isha aty ne 2005 duke ba arkjologji ne fshatin e Lofkend. cfar punet ban ne lokal ? si esht Fieri keto dit se nuk kam qen tash 3 vjet - Max



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