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The Sand Creek site is way out of the way, but at least now it's easy to find. I tried to get there a couple times while it was still private property and failed, but now it's a National Historic Site.

All of my photos are tagged. What tag do you suggest for the photos of the Indian sites? Maybe 'Native American' would be a good one. Max

Marcus I have enjoyed all the photos of your Greenland trek last summer, especially the ones of the Norse ruins.

Have you read "The Greenlanders" by Jane Smiley? You would enjoy it.

This farm may be the one where the heroine Margret spent the winter of 1385 AD with an old couple.


This is a very interesting picture of Viking Brattahlid. Have you read "The Greenlanders" by Jane Smiley? A lot of the events take place here.

Great picture rdb. Have you read "The Greenlanders" by Jane Smiley? A lot of the events take place here.

Where did they launch this capsule full of concrete from, Vandenburg?

This is really trippy. I wish I'd thought of the idea.


Xcman thank you for your comment.

I got that factoid from Halaas and Masich Halfbreed: The Remarkable True Story of George Bent – Caught between the Worlds of the Indian and the White Man (2004). I thought it was pretty funny. Incidently, I was back at Bent's Old Fort about a month ago (June 2009) and jokingly asked a ranger about George living in a tipi when he was a kid. The ranger said maybe/probably he did and it was like moving to the suburbs where everything was clean and airy, compared the squalid, crowded and unsanitary conditions inside the walls.



I think it's a shame that none of your excellent closeups of butterflys in Michoacan were selected for G-E. Especially since several from other people in Pismo Beach, California were accepted. Why don't you ask for them to be reviewed again?


Dan: Thanks for this picture. It allowed me to find the location of a picture my father shot in the Autumn of 1941. I've uploaded his picture to Panoramio near yours and it should be accepted for G-E probably by mid-August. We'll see. Thanks again for a great picure.


I can't believe I found this photo online. I have one from my Dad & there are some names on the back. My Dad is the 2nd man standing. John Gilbert Winner. His left arm was amputated below the elbow. He was one hell of an artist. Do you have any information on him? Thank You Kathleen Geyer (Winner)



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