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Sir Francis Drake (reputedly) landed at what is now called Drake's Bay, looking for a place to careen his ships, besides reprovisioning them. He had brought along a couple captured Spanish Manilla galleons as well as the Golden Hinde.

Ironically, he sailed right past the Golden Gate and missed San Francisco Bay completely. (There was no bridge there at the time.) Historians guess that the Golden Gate was probably shrouded in a fog bank when he passed the Farallones the first time.

But if his men explored Marin County how did they not see the Bay from the top of a ridge?

You have to wonder how different the history of North America might have been if Drake had wandered into San Francisco Bay and brought the news of it back to England. (That might be the bay we call Drake's Bay now.)


a different kind of art.....:) like! gr.roeli

As an aside on the subject of disabilities - if you are interested: This short film on YouTube about amputee training during WWII states that the amputees were required to pass their driving test in an unmodified vehicle.

It does not mention that the president owned two Ford convertibles that were highly modified. I think the No Help Wanted film may be a little inaccurate in that guys using hooks or artificial legs probably always needed slight modifications to the car's controls.

The rangerette told me that they get all kinds of FDR fanatics visiting the Little White House: A few years ago a visitor showed up and went straight into the president's bathroom, coming out exclaiming loudly that the evidence had all been covered up. The rangers asked him what he meant. He said that the bullet holes had all been repaired or plastered over. He said during the War there had been another assasination attempt when a Japanese spy had slipped past all the guard posts and snuck into the president's bathroom, shooting the president while he was sitting on the toilet, before being wrestled to the floor and arrested. The ranger staff don't know where the guy got this story.

sad sad sad... was it a meteor?! best wishes

FYI, the cave is on private property and posted by the homeowners as No Trespassing. Also the cave was excavated decades ago all the way down to bedrock.

This is a work of art by the son of the famous UC Berkeley archaeologist Robert F. Heizer. Michael Heizer has done several of these in the Great Basin where his father used to dig. They strongly resemble archaeological excavations for some reason.

Thanks for your comment yardbird. I've corrected the title. Did you see the one forced down over Albania in 1957 and now in the Girocaster castle museum?



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