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I was here in about March 2003. I was going to Bahia Conception, and this was a good spot to stop on the way. I had my son Trevor and his friends Daniel and Kyle, they were all about 13 years old. We had the place nearly to ourselves, and the managers were so nice. Very good times. I wish I could go back with my son and his friends.

Hallo Paula Sehr schöne Aufnahme gefällt mir sehr gut LIKE

Gruss aus Zürich


This was on my grandparents farm, my Dad said it was put there shortly after WWII; my grandfather stripped the fuselage for repairing buildings. When I was a kid the cockpit still had seats and steering yokes in the dash, we played in there all the time.

Many thanks to solson62, fotero78 and Nunek for visit and generous comments. Cheers, Rafal

South of San Quintin, Baja California - turn right at the Pemex station

in Padre Kino north of San Quintin, Baja California

Drove past here yesterday - I think it is gone... :(

I wonder when this was taken because this has either gotten even more detailed since it was taken or there's a better camera view from google earth now. There's a face behind the Indian (who was probably an early Blackfoot Chief). It looks like a viking. That circle spot (is probably a sacred spot/well) is the bottom of his beard, above that you can see his mouth, nose, looks like he's wearing a mask or helmet and even has a headdress. I don't think it's "NAPI". I believe it represents either Leif Ericson, Eric The Red, or Thorfinn The Mighty. Not shown but to the left and up is another face, it looks like he's wearing a duck helmet (probably Eric). My Dad was Norwegian and talked about how the Vikings had visited Canada and USA long before Columbus. The depictions of Leif Ericson show him with a helmet with bird wings, the local indians may have mistook him for NAPI because of that (plus the location of this spot agrees with history of where he might have went). Whoever made this had to have the ability to fly over it, and according to the times of those mentioned that would have been in 950-1064, not millions of years ago. If all that IS true, people had the ability of flight that long ago and this spot also holds an important but lost part of Indian/Norwegian/Canadian/American history I have a store where you can see my photos on different products.

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