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This a veary nice photo

merveilleux batiment encor mieux a l'interieur

The monument/memorial in the foreground is the Canadian Cross of Sacrifice Memorial, dedicated by Canada in memory of those Americans that fought for Canada during WW I, WW II, and the Korean Conflict.

Le col Clapier (ou Pas de Lavis-Traffort) constitue parmi toutes les hypothèses revendiquées avec plus ou moins d'arguments valides, le lieu de passage d'Hannibal Barca le plus probable lors de son offensive sur Rome. Le promontoire situé à droite est probablement celui d'où il harangua ses officiers après un difficile bivouac sur le plateau de Savine, afin de les convaincre de poursuivre le franchissement du passage (dixit la légende).

ENG This pass, also called Lavis-Traffort pass after the famous british doctor who studied extensively the area, is probably the one used by Hannibal Barca crossing the Alps in 218 BC. A thousand books and countless webpages develop the different thesis about this legendary feat of history.

Hello, very nice picture !! I'm going there in two weeks. Have more pictures of this road ?

What an awesome picture!

This is a great shot, note that there was a law in Pompei about the width of axles on wagons; they had to be able to pass by the stones that were there to cross the street. Also see the ruts worn in the stones from the wagon wheels. They are deep!

Believe it or not, I took this almost identical picture in October 1987. At that time I named it the 'Old Mill Stream' after Wilbur Mills and Fannie Fox. I did it jest and meant nothing harmful about it. I do have it hanging in my home now and very happy with picture as it reminds me that water and congress can be so powerful. Both can sustain life and both can take life. Neither are weak if used properly.



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