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Would you belive I took this shot over my left shoulder, out my car window behind me doing 70mph?! I only had to straighten it and some minor touch ups!

Christake, Pretty darn close in angle and composition to yours. Only major difference I see is mine is a two lane bridge, yours appears to be one lane. Small world.

Would love to have this sign if I had a nice place to put it! I don't think it was for sale though...

The conductor said this train was fully functional but due to an increase from $500 a year to $8000 a year just for insurance on the boiler alone made it too expensive to operate. How sad. I would love to ride this beauty down the tracks!

I love this shot! I didn't intend for it to come out this dark but I am glad it did. The opposite side of the road this was shot from was nothing but trees and an abandoned house. The whistling wind made me want to move in!

Spiders gotta eat too yanno... no one was home at the time, that I could see.

This is the best guestimate I could make as to the exact location considering I took this over a year ago. The pump was working and the horses were a grazin'. This was the best I could get from a moving vehicle.

This is a good example of turning a mediocre shot into something special. 5 frames stitched together!

This is the entrance to one of the best caves I have ever been in! I would highly recommend it. Its mostly vertical, up and down stairs.

Painting the beast! Can you see the guy at the top of the hoist doing the painting?


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