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© All Rights Reserved - Black Diamond Images Family : Myrtaceae Benaroon - Middle Brother National Park, Johns River, Mid North Coast, NSW, I visited Middle Brother National Park and the site of the Bird Tree Picnic Area on January 17th 2011 and was amazed by the size and volume of several Eucalyptus pilularis (Blackbutt) trees at the site. Two of the 4 largest trees seen appeared to be senescent. I believe the tree photographed above with a protective timber platform around its massive base is the tree known as 'Benaroon''. I paced out its diameter and it was near 5 metres across at ground level. This tree is about 40 metres down the hill just above the wetter, bottom of the gully or possibly small creek and may not be found by visitors who do not follow the trail a little. Bangalow palms are in growing all around these trees. All the trees here are Blackbutts (Eucalyptus pilularis), a species which can grow in excess of 70 metres with a record at Bulli in the Illawarra of 85 metres. The first tree you see immediately you get out of your car is the 'Bird Tree' (Tree No.1 ) It does appear to be senescent. The National Tree Register records the 'Bird Tree' as being 54 metres high but Wikipedia states it is 69 metres high.The 'Bird Tree' is fenced off with a sign warning of danger from falling branches. A second big tree (Tree No. 2) is about 30 metres up the track leading to the right of the carpark is also a big tree and is readily identified by its very large almost buttressed root. The third tree (Tree No. 3) is a little further along the track and is also senescent but its former volume could well have been greater than either the 'Bird Tree' or 'Benaroon' before fire burnt out the centre. It is possible to stand half a dozen people in the centre of the tree which is split but standing tall nevertheless. 'Benaroon' (Tree No. 4) is accessed by following the track another 40 metres down the hill where the massive tree is easily recognised being surrounded by a timber platform to protect the tree from foot born disease such as Phytophthora as well as root zone compaction. According to Wikipedia Benaroon is 64 metres tall and 4.1 metres diameter at breast height. Bird Tree, nearby is 69 metres tall 3.59 metres diameter at breast height. The National Tree Register records the 'Bird Tree as 54 metres tall. The Bird Tree and nearby Benaroon are regarded as two of the largest Eucalyptus pilularis (Blackbutt) trees by volume in Australia. Not far from the Bird Tree/Benaroon site is a large Eucalyptus grandis tree known as The Big Fella Gum Tree (67.3 metres tall)

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