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FRANÇAIS: Zalins est formé d'Alain G et d'Alain D. L'idée de contribuer à Panoramio nous est venue des voyages communs que nous avons faits, et du désir d'honorer la ville que nous habitons tous les deux, soit Montréal. Toutes les photographies affichées dans Panoramio ont été sélectionnées dans ce seul but. Par conséquent, les photos abstraites, les photos de famille, les études de sujet, etc, n'apparaissent pas ici. Aussi, l'évolution de la technique photographique de chacun deviendra apparente (enfin j'espère) avec le temps. Autre fait à noter, la grande gueule qui parle toujours, c'est moi : Alain D. :D Vous pourrez bientôt trouver Alain D sous le pseudonyme Arr Day à ... ----- ENGLISH: Zalins is made of Alain G and Alain D. From shared travels, and with the desire to illustrate the city we both live in (Montreal) came the idea of our contribution to Panoramio. Therefore all the pictures you will see here were selected with this goal in mind, and all family, abstractions or subject studies pictures have been avoided. Also, and hopefully, the evolution of our respective techniques will show over time. Another thing worth of mention, the big mouth here is me : Alain D. :D Soon you will also find Alain D under the pseudonym Arr Day at ...

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You have a good eye, jdinnyc. You should post more pictures. This one caught my attention while on Google Earth, but some of the Governors Island and Greenwood Cemetery are also very well framed and their subject well exploited. Alain D.

Merci aux gens du Relais des Arts pour les indications précises concernant la localisation de cette magnifique chapelle, ainsi que l'année de sa construction. Alain D.

Thank you so much Gerard. I really appreciate when such knowledge is shared. Maps contradict themselves on the name of the street, but after a little bit more research, I will opt for rue Champlain. As for Cap Blanc versus Cap Diamant, no map is precise about the boundaries, but your comments convince me enough. I did not know about the Irish living in this section of the city. It adds to my impression of neglect toward the Irish acknowledgement in the North-American cities I know. Same thing applies to Montreal. There's a delimited Little Italy, and a Chinatown, but no precise Irish section. Probably because they have mingled within the existing tissu of the time, and do not live in a specific area anymore. Alain D

This is not Cap Blanc.It is Cape Diamond or Cap Diamant.The flat on the top right hand side was that of my grandparents.***Gerry Power,Ottawa ON

Thank you Johnnybear for your recommendation. I was standing across the street from the garage, that's the reason why I've put my position on the north side. Alain D.

gostaria de ver uma foto do hotel du petit trianon 2, rue de ancienne comedie

Bell'inquadratura ! Voto, ciao, M.

Excellent point of view




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