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FRANÇAIS: Zalins est formé d'Alain G et d'Alain D. L'idée de contribuer à Panoramio nous est venue des voyages communs que nous avons faits, et du désir d'honorer la ville que nous habitons tous les deux, soit Montréal. Toutes les photographies affichées dans Panoramio ont été sélectionnées dans ce seul but. Par conséquent, les photos abstraites, les photos de famille, les études de sujet, etc, n'apparaissent pas ici. Aussi, l'évolution de la technique photographique de chacun deviendra apparente (enfin j'espère) avec le temps. Autre fait à noter, la grande gueule qui parle toujours, c'est moi : Alain D. :D Vous pourrez bientôt trouver Alain D sous le pseudonyme Arr Day à ... ----- ENGLISH: Zalins is made of Alain G and Alain D. From shared travels, and with the desire to illustrate the city we both live in (Montreal) came the idea of our contribution to Panoramio. Therefore all the pictures you will see here were selected with this goal in mind, and all family, abstractions or subject studies pictures have been avoided. Also, and hopefully, the evolution of our respective techniques will show over time. Another thing worth of mention, the big mouth here is me : Alain D. :D Soon you will also find Alain D under the pseudonym Arr Day at ...

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Hi zalins, I haven't been on Panoramio much lately, either. I haven't noticed any problems with it, but they do keep tinkering with it. I spend a lot more time on Flickr, to be honest. You have your own blog, that's great! I would like to see it. This painting is part of the permanent collection. It often has a huge crowd in front of it. Take care, Irina

La population décuple à la belle saison! J'ai aucune idée de ce que ça représente, mais ça me fait penser à Roberval. J'aime bien votre image des bernaches. AD

I like that shot, with all the snow in the foreground. That's an interesting part of town. A nice park that this Philipps Square is; I used to work in a neighboring tower and I could see it from above.


That's true, we've been walking the same streets, really. Let's say that Montreal's not so large. But there's plenty of places that are of distinctive characters. Well enough to keep a photographer's interest up and running.

I had noticed your shot of the McGill buildings from that park. You were standing behind the fence, I beleive. I was sittin if the grass, resting from walking. I've enjoyed the vistas for some time before shooting the picture.


Oh yeah? For sure I will! Alain D.

Well it was worth another detour : plenty of good shots.

Especially like this Beauceville picture, with the light, the sky, and the typical Quebec village mood.

I'll take some more time and visit again soon.

Alain D.

No! Poutine is not as "risky" as Saumagen or Haggis. And it's nothing fancy, really. But it became a local dish in roughly 25 years or so! Even McDonalds offer them now. But you don't try that in a chain store. You try that in a simple restaurant by the road, in a small town.



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