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The ice plant was originally built before mid-1900's, mostly to provide ice for shipments of vegetables (especially strawberries) and other perishables on the railroad. It also supplied commercial quantities of ice for meat packing and similar businesses or for busineses that would transport food items on trucks. They also sold ice for home "ice boxes" where food was kept cold by ice, not electrical refrigeration. They made ice in blocks about 5' by 3' by 2' (man, they were HUGE!). They'd sell you an entire block, or they'd cut you a solid piece to your order with icepicks (many people seemed to like blocks 1' by 1' by 1'); they also had a huge grinding machine and they'd make as much crushed ice as you wanted. An active customer use was people who were going fishing and filling a cooler to keep the fish they caught. The ice crushing machine was on the loading dock/porch just past the wooden stairs shown in the photo. The alcohol laws from about the 1950's through the 1970's did not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages in Duplin county except beer could be sold (with a special permit) within the town of Wallace. Using the refrigeration equipment, the ice plant sold cold beer in those days. The business was run by Mr. Hepler and his business associates in the mid-1900's. The movie "Fall Time" was set in a little town in Minnesota (or a similar Mid-Western state) and the fictional "Holmen Creamery" was meant to be in accord with the many Scandianavian farm families (and business names) in those areas.
The building was damaged by an arson fire a few years ago. It was beyond economical repair and was completely torn down shortly after the photo above was taken. Thanks for reminding me of my school days in Wallace in the '50's and '60's.

Hey, i love this location and would like to know where it is. Can you send me the address?

I wonder how long this tile installation took. In Seattle WA, I see a bunch of the cafés with similar unique tiling, but it always seems to take them ages to install it!

I have always wondered about these pillars, passing them frequently near where I live. I wonder what their history is?

I Love it! So you read "The Jungle" too? Did you see that vintage photo, I must out it on my images now!

The jagged sphincter is a bit frightening! Perhaps too many chillis (or razor blades!).


Nice one Tom


that is ridiculous. who titles themselves a "trail blazer" on their own tombstone, listing their own accomplishments, leaving room for future accomplishments? ever heard of modesty and humility? anyone who would puff himself like this, while still living, and name 2 of his children after him is the epitomy of egotism.

Hmmmmm, that seems like a pretty good source. As good as mine or maybe better. I got my date from one of the historic plaques that told the history of the courthouse. It has a W&M logo on it, so I take that W&M did the research. I have seen where modern research will change dates on farms and plantations because they need old records to confirm dates in modern research, but it seems like a courthouse would have records that are pretty clear cut. Now I'm confused.

You're exactly right. I've changed the caption accordingly.

Ain't that ghastly Tom?


Thanks for showing the world this....


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