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Brilliant idea and excellent realization. Wonderful! Hello from Athens.

That tent over the water is lovely. A great blend of beach and desert life. Superb sunny shot. like.

I have resisted entering into an argument on whether it is definitely pollution or not, but here is a comment from a resident in Proserpine and I quote exactly.

Who told you it is just steam? Some tosser.. Of course there is smoke as well as steam. The amount varies from day to day, week to week. I've been told that before the crushing season kicks off, they burn a lot of rubbish off to heat the boilers up in readiness. They used to burn a lot of bagasse, but they are producing furfural at this mill, which apparently is a by-product of bagasse which can be used in anything from a tea additive to manufacturing plastics.

Other days I'd say it is mostly steam, but when the wind is blowing from the North sometimes, it isn't steam we get in our eyes at the school when we go outside. Nor is the smell just steam. I've been assured, pollution wise, that what does get burnt is burnt at such a high temperature, there's insignificant pollution from it, but like I said, we know at the school when there is a Northerly wind blowing.

Yes, they do produce a lot of electricity which apparently is fed into the state wide grid.

What's more, the steam dissipates into the atmosphere fairly quickly not far above the stacks. I've often seen a big trail of smoke wisping a long way into the distance some days when there is a strong South Easterly wind blowing. You can't tell me you would still see steam 10-15 Km away from the mill.<

Before all the ugly developments!

The Tallest Structure In Proserpine.


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