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Hello dear Sarah yes the lady was one of hundreds who arrived at the event dressed for the 1940's period and this gentleman was certainly attracting attention dressed as "hercule poirot" :))

best wishes .. steve X

Hello dear Sarah yes indeed the American Airforce were also in attendance it seems at this Brit event :))

best wishes .. steve X

Hello dear Sarah this little band stand was used as a place for a few of the singers attending the event to sing from to the crowds but on this occation i took this gent in RAF uniform as he was happy to pose :))

best wishes ... steve X

HA HA well my dear Sarah this reminded me of a character from a much loved old T.V series here in the u.k about the British Home Gaurd during the war ... the man ( corporal Jones ) catchphrase was They Dont like it up em :))

best wishes ... steve X

Hello my dear Sarah i am so very pleased you like this shot too and how i do wish you could all have attended this event as our quests for us to show you what this lovely Lincolnshire village has to offer and more so on this weekend .. so many people around in uniforms of the period and i am sure the American Navy uniform would have been worn by someone at the event somewhere

thank you for your "likes" on this series :))

best wishes .. steve X

Dear Hazel, it's too long ago, that I have visited your beautiful gallery! Thank you for this beautiful rose and all your other wonderful photos! I feel very sorry to hear about your eye problems, my heart is with you!

Warmest regards and a big hug,


HA HA well dear Sarah it is correct for the truck BUT not for the country who drive on the correct side of the road ... yep we do :))

i would have loved you both to visit this event dear sarah with me and perhaps we all could have dressed up from the period with U.S Navy .. U.S Army and U.K Army uniforms perhaps :))

steve X

Hello my dear Sarah i think all the Flags had been left at the camp perhaps due to the many low tree branches on route but the White star in the circle was still evident on the American machines like this Half-Track truck :))

it may be that the lady with the dog was dressed as a wartime "Landgirl" ?

i have so many more shots to post from this event in due course too :))

best wishes ... steve X

Richard McL

thank you Richard i am again pleased you like this shot from a local event depicting the 1940's


thank you also Peter i took 285 shots from around the town during the day and what a lovely day it was with so many getting in the swing of the period

Sarah O

Hello my dear Sarah HA HA yes it sure looks like we have been invaded by your country folk in force here but i am sure most are local re-inactment members from the U.K and what a well attended event it was with so many turning up in period clothes .. dancing groups of the period and singers / bands in a few locations around the town singing songs / playing music from the war years

best wishes to both ~ Steve

Hello dear Sarah i am so pleased you like this shot too taken looking back towards the entrance door with the little balcony above though i am sure the church never had enough people to fill the lower pews let alone the upper ones due to its remote location

best wishes ... steve X


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