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Wenn Views Pflicht wird, kann mich Google mal kreuzweise ... und ich lösche alle Bilder & suche mir eine andere Plattform!!! If Views becomes obligatory, f**k Google ... I will delete all my pics & look out for another platform

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*Antonio Cristerna *. En esta vida ,si tienes un ideal , un motivo importante ,un trabajo que quieres conseguir .Se tiene que luchar hasta el final .Nunca abandones a la primera .Los budistas como tu dices, a este proceso le llaman IMPERMANENCIA ???. NADA ES PARA SIEMPRE ??. Deja que te diga que lo único que es para SIEMPRE. ES LA MUERTE. Lucha por tus ideales y no bajes la guardia nunca, mientras tengas valor para hacerlo .

Desde Catalunya. lurdesa

J'avais loupé...Bernd c'était trop grand..-))))

en tous les cas il fallait oser.. hé bien j'aime +++++,en grand écran c'est une vraie beauté.. que je garde..

Oyé oyé, jante de dame et jante homme ... oui je crois bien que tu as de bons ton passage au Ht/Koenigsbourg j'ai aussi assisté à cette représentation ..médiévales et gastronomique comme à l'époque!

Bon dimanche, amit/rol ist es, Wolfram! :))



Heinrich, ich danke dir vielmals für dein tolles Kompliment nebst Like und freue mich, wenn's dir so gut gefällt!

Viele Grüße, Stevia

PS: Lang lebe Panoramio! - Bitte hilf! -

Das war auch meine Vermutung, Dida. Ich habe es bereits gelöscht, werde mich in meinem unergründlichen Archiv einmal umschauen, ob ich etwas Passendes habe. Zum Basteln habe ich im Moment wenig Zeit, fahre übermorgen für ein paar Tage weg. Ich hoffe, dass unsere Aktionen Erfolg haben!

Liebe Grüße


Vivat Panoramio!!!

Ja, Jörg, man muss schon genau hinschauen, um die Raffinesse dieses "Tandems" zu erkennen. Leider habe ich es nicht in Bewegung gesehen ;-).

Herzlichen Dank für Deine Auszeichnungen und liebe Grüße


And again many thanks for L&F, Transit_PO ! :))



We need a photography community that will not "sell" nor "betrayal" the effort of the people involved! We need a photography community that will not be "held hostage" of each management team! We need a photography community that respects the utmost thousands of hours of its members! We need a photographic community that gives creative incentive for members to further encourage the art of photography. We need a photography community that respects the personal relationships that develop without the risk of future collapse and the uncertainty of sudden death! The power of Panoramio were the same members! The power was Panoramio devotion emanating from the work of the members of the same! The power Panoramio are we the users themselves! There is no right to cancel a sudden all of us and our work! The google has no right not to calculate the opinion of thousands of people! If you want to make a different design can make something new! But they can not dissolve what seems like quite a success! Have no right to ignore us! If continuing threat of extinction Panoramio should be known to all directions that users and members Panoramio will find housing in a new site that will satisfy his desires and respects their work! Be sure that it will remain in the new design by withdrawing all the photos we've posted so far! This is not a threat! It is a warning! we have the power to create a website! We are thousands of people with technical knowledge that we can make a corresponding website like Panoramio! Hooray to Panoramio! Hooray photographers of Panoramio! We are many! The last 10 years every effort (eg Google+), losing his crown king of social networks has failed, but the fact that people who are looking for alternatives online, away from the control of advertisers and companies are increasing, it is an element that can not be overlooked.

SOS – SOS - SOS!!!!!

Together to prevent the death of our beloved Panoramio!

Vote here now! We need 10,000 signatures! It is not difficult!

CarmelH - Many thanks for your visit and comments – Best regards from Athens

It’s so simple : Do you want Panoramio alive ? Sign the petition form. We need minimum 10.000 signatures !

C’est tout simple : Voulez vous que Panoramio reste en vie ? Signer la forme de petition. Nous avons besoin un minimum de 10.000 signatures !

Es tan simple : ¿ Quieres viva Panoramio ? Firma el formulario de petición. Necesitamos a partir de 10.000 firmas !

É tão simples : Você quer Panoramio vivo ? Assine o formulário de petição. Precisamos mínimos de 10.000 assinaturas !

È così semplice : Vuoi viva Panoramio ? Firma la petizione. Abbiamo bisogno di minimo 10.000 firme !

Είναι τόσο απλό : Θέλετε το Panoramio να επιβιώσει ? Υπογράψτε την αίτηση. Χρειαζόμαστε 10.000 υπογραφές !



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