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can i ride my dirt bike here? haha looks like paradise

This picture was taken of an old abandoned ranch in SE Mellette Co. Currently there is about 1.6 people per square mille that live in this county. In its hay day, prior to the depression, it had a little over 4.

This picture was taken at about 1.5 mi away from this massive butte. Perhaps not the tallest in this range but it definitely covers the most area. This butte is in the shape of a horseshoe and is a mile in length (and then there's the hike to the top). The next in comparison is 0.6 mi. This one has exhausted a few hunters in one day. The rewards are great though.

The scrub oak in the distance can be thick and can hide a nice herd of 20 Mule deer. Usually the only way you'll spot them is if they move. Because of the many fingers off the main draw deer can find easy escape.

This butte is about 250yrds along the ridge line and is only 5-10ft ranging in width. It's a nice hike to the top; but watch out for the Prairie Rattler. The snakes will lay out of the wind and in the sun. Also, if it's a windy day hold onto your hat cause the wind will be much stronger at the top. The way the butte is shaped causes the wind to accelerate as it is forced up and over. It has a surprising amount of Mule deer and is incredible to hunt.

This is a picture of the creek that is overshadowed by the great Rattlesnake Butte. If you look close in the center you can see a Mule deer standing in the creek just up from the cattle.

The prairie will soon come alive with both Mule and Whitetail deer. You will see coyotes hunting in packs. A few turkey might also be found. Another great day of hunting in western SD.

This picture was taken on opening day of deer season 2006. About this time the Mule deer begin to show up like black mounds with a white patch on their rump. Unless you get lucky the deer are hard to see with the naked eye. The day breaks at about 7:30 in November. At 9:00 the deer start to move around. It is not unusual to see herds bigger than 20.


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