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The Spruce Goose now is in the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in Oregon.
Photo by Dana Jensen

I am very happy to share with my daughter right through Panoramio and community of friends who share the photos for the world (thanks Andrey Ivanitsky) daughter from here you can see if you can in california disney micky enter the castle here if it's real your daddy from Lima Peru kisses to you and to bombom bonobom Mami

estoy muy feliz de poder compartir con mi hija atravez de panoramio y la comunidad de amigos que compartimos las fotos para el mundo ( Andrey Ivanitsky gracias) hija desde aqui puedes ver que si se puede en disney de california entrar al castillo de micky aqui si es real de tu papi desde Lima Peru besos a ti bonobom y a bombom-mami

Wonderful capture - Greetings from Athens.

beyondbabtlon- As I agree with you in many ways I also must disagree ...Why not simply state the obvious?...

First off, if it where not for tourism in the City of Big Bear than there most likely would not be a City due to economic restraints. Your city would look like Flint Michigan...

Now- YOUR!!! going to protect a lost log cabin,.....NOW!!! I mean come on...don't you think its a little late for that? Why bark now?....So many horrific changes have been made during the past 25 years as your parents Built a great pyramid we call the USA and all your generation has done is tear it all what we have today.... ant you folks proud....Gosh..You have Pilgrims like Rush Limbaugh representing some of you.... It is 100% your generations fault for letting everything get out of control? I ASSUME your older than 50 years of age per your comment left as I'mm 39....born 1971....I got to watch it all crumble in front of me while parents (you) where to busy getting High, getting divorced, running jobs out of CA, letting our borders spiral way out of control where now we have cities like South Gate, Bell, Huntington Park, Watts, Los Angeles, and so fourth....You guys,.... so called Baby Boomer's, need to 1. Shut your Mouths (Would help given how fat your generation is as well....Talk about gluttony) and let us (1965- 1975) RUN the show....Its apparent you guys will not be satisfied to the earth is on the brink of total destruction...Your Conservative, Democratic, Republican, Left Wing, Right Wing, Capitalistic methods have failed us all..... don't speak...Your not helping.....ITS OUR TURN (49 and under Leaders of the world) not fair that we cant take a few pokes at sweet Mother Earth...

This cabin was taken apart piece by piece from Boulder Bay by Bob Brown & his Boy Scout troop & rebuilt on this location many years ago.

I was "lucky" to do ANYTHING before it's demise but there were Video Games off to the Right (East) and the building was not so nice. This must have been inside the Entrance.

That has got to be from a Monorail passage over the Lagoon but it would have been better in the Morning.

This even happens in QUIET Neighborhoods with hardly any Traffic violations.

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