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Splendida! Like!

Saluti dalla Brianza, Birgit

Porca zozza!Ciao,Paolo

I see another spirit at Walden.

According to most of frescos around Lake Como, the Sorico Story must be something like Bianca Marie Sforza and Maximillian Habsburg had a daughter whom I call Veronica for lack of a better first name. Her cousin, Ippolita Sforza was her baby sitter. Together, they travelled to Milan, Mantua, Florence, Siena, Rome and home again like Raphael and Tobias from the Bible. That I can prove from the Web Gallery of Art pictures 1451- 1555.

Along the way they meet all of the important people of the high renaissance ... Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Popes Julius II, Leo X, Clement VII, various humanists including Giovio and Castiglione and the artists Ferrari and Luni from your lakes. Everybody who is anybody from the renaissance, a word she coined herself in the forwards of Vasari's "Lives", knew Raphael, Santi, Sanzio, da Urbino [sic], Sforza - Romano (b. 1483, d. 1555) I would like to prove herstory at length in a WGA forum.

Her story from Lago di Como goes back through the Comacine masters and the Knights of Saint Joseph to the Brienne claim to the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Or, if u prefer, we can go back through the Theban Legion to Hatshepsut. (That part is really strange because Raphael's story reads like Hatshpsut's story (1508 BC - 1458 BC) building programs, cover-ups and all.) I have followed the Zoroastrians along the mountain chains to Spain.

But, to answer your question, "do you have news on Italian artists?" My goodness! Lombardia is still doing it in modern colors. I have even found herstory in Montreal Canada! It may seem like I am getting back to your message a year late but Raphael's story is already five hundred years young and herstory will still be news five hundred years from now if Wiki has anything to say about it. "How am I?" ... obsessed!

Of course, I see young people in your pictures enjoying all of the modern activities of Lago di Como, but my mind is stuck elsewhere in time and I haven't even mentioned Sibilla or that cave in Lecco's mountain and I am still looking for a particular rock in the Alps!,14,SanGiovanniBattistanel_deserto.jpg

The internet is more like books than magazines. We read a magazine, maybe clip an article, and then throw the magazine away. Books can sit on shelves for thousands of years until some book worm comes along and reads the pictures. Here I am referring to my newest find ...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 23 Parchment · 368 pp. · 38 x 29 cm · St. Gall · 872-883

The Folchart Psalter, a masterpiece of late Carolingian illumination. (smu)

[Here I copied the Romanesque header of a Cannon Table of the library of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Seems like the same old story. The King and his Basilica and the people with their Bapistry.]

The story I am reading in the altar pictures is very, very Catholic. Wiki is calling it paleochristianity. Which like I said above, goes back as far as Zarathustra and is carved in the marbles of Italy. Two hundred years is a long time to americans. I have found scandels older than that in Italian Literature!

"What about your studies?" I have written a few notes here and there asking Italians to tell US Italian History and they are taking their time doing that. It just seems like I am getting back to your message a year late. I am still busy reading Italy's beautiful pictures and literature and now I know nobody lives long enough to know it all because herstory is cyclic.

C u in cyberspace

The Fire Temple, Tower of Silience and picture are Zoroastrian. That leads to the Theban Legion. That leads to Hatshepsut and I believe you can click my name above to see what else I have written to Lago di Como. What does it all mean? I am a romantic lost in art's history. I can be reached at

Genesis 50:25

And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying, God will surely visit you, and you shall carry up my bones from hence.

American King James Version

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