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This is an old picture of me taken in 1974 while crossing Sudan. I like it because was the first time I went to the tropics and the discovery of so many life alternatives I couldn't even dream about.
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Dissabte 24.5.2008 va tornar a pedregar.

Taken in february 2002.

Segons Ben Sheldon a Science(320:800),s'han adaptat al canvi climàtic dels darrers 47 anys adelantant la posta d'ous una mitjana de 14 dies. Això es degut a que el pic d'abundor de larves de lepidòpter amb què alimenten les cries també s'ha adelantat. D'aquest fenòmen en diuen plasticitat fenotípica i no implica selecció genètica.

See this address for images dated november 1966.

Fort Elmina was a slave-trading post founded in 1482 by Portugal and ruled later by Holland and Britain.

The building to the left is a snake temple with stacks of pythons inside.

Different european countries constructed forts in the city for slave-trading.

A stop on the way from Accra(Ghana) to Badou(Togo), in february 2002.

The first camel in Australia was imported from the Canary Islands in 1840. The next major group came out in 1860 and an estimated 10.000 were imported until 1907.

Australian lizard, called 'Moloch horridus' in official terms. Eats thousands of ants in one day.

Llargandaix australià anomenat oficialment 'Moloch Horridus'. Pot menjar milers de formigues al cap del dia.


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