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This is an old picture of me taken in 1974 while crossing Sudan. I like it because was the first time I went to the tropics and the discovery of so many life alternatives I couldn't even dream about.
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Observatori antiaeri de l'exercit republicà situat al cim del Puig Aguilera.

Mirant al nord des d'el plà d'Aguilera.

Es tracta del Cebollí (Asphodelus fistulosus) de la família de les liliàcies. Segons Font i Quer no se la menja cap animal pel verí que conté i per aquesta raó l'anomenen 'argènit' a Castelló, que segons ell és una corrupció d'arsènic.

Molt guapa la foto.

You are right, I has a mistake in position, unknow why! When upload the photos Double check the position. Don't matter, I fixed the position. Thanks

Era una tarda emboirada de març i el sol començava a posar-se.

The Source des Célestins is protected by this remarkable pavilion style Louis XV, near the river Allier in Vichy.

The river flows west towards the Loire.

A Igualada la Nit de Reis és festa grossa. Les noves carrosses amb representacions d'astres incorporats donen un bon joc de perspectiva quan s'allunyen.

The 'Nit de Reis'(the evening of January 5) is the Feast of the Visit of the Magi. Joseph Campbell explains that: 'The Feast is now celebrated January 6, which was the date of the festival in Egyptian Alexandria of the birth of the new Aion (a syncretistic personification of Osiris) from Kore, "the Maiden", who was there identified with Isis, of whom the bright star Sirius (Sothis) rising on the horizon had been for milleniums the watched-for sign. The rising of the star announced the rising of the flood waters of the Nile....The present custom of celebrating the Nativity on December 25 seems not to have been instituted until the year 353 or 354, in Rome under Pope Liberius, possibly to absorb the festival of the birth of Mithra that day from the mother rock. Thus we have two myths and two dates of the Nativity scene,.., pointing to the Persian and Egyptian sphere.

The basalt as building material allows lighter columns.

Es tracta d'un edifici molt lleuger ja que el basalt permet aprimar més les columnes.


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