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I lived at Quincy/Dickinson from 1960 to 1973 as a child! In 1973 I enlisted in the army.In 1977 I left army and came back to Quincy for one year. In that year I married. A year to the day I returned to the army. In 1983 I left the army for the last time, I lived in Quincy until july 1986 when I moved to Florida.
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Teamsters out side of Collier County School Board building awaiting the 3 pm board meeting on outsourcing school custodians!

The old house's in this photo have been replaced with trialers!

This photo was taken in 1998. All the old house have been removed and replaced with trailers!

This was once a two room school. the school had a pull out divider, and that was how the school was split into two rooms.The school also had a small kitchen and the cook was Mrs.Hill. The school also had field that we boys some times played foot ball on.In the back of school was a hill,and in the winter after it snowed some of us would take sleads or what we could find and slide down the hill.

photo taken 1998, the old coal minners loung!Drink lots a beer here, played lots a pool here,lost lots of money playing pool drunk here.

When I grew up here in the 60's and 70's all that was in this spot was the Quincy Coal companys managers house and post office, along with make shift base ball/cattle field!

This is where my old child hood house was. It was an old Quincy cole company house. The house was all wood with no insulation, and in the winter it was so cold. In the winter when the wind blew out side you could the air moving in the house!Also when we first moved into this house it only had running water with no bath room,we had an out house for a long time. This was the last house my mom ever lived in!

This photo was taken in 1998! In the past this field has had cattle, horses, hey and corn.

In the 1960's,and part of the 1970's this place was a state police headquarters! In the top rooms the state police had prisoners that lived there.The prisoners job was to keep the place clean and looking good. Some time in the 70's the police moved out and the place was rented out as a house. I lived in this house from 1983 to 1986. The house is gone now!

I remember as a child and young adult walking across this bridge and feeling it shake as big trucks came across the bridge. Also the bridge had big irion plates covering up big holes in the side walk.

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