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Dear fellow Panoramio ! I turn to you in connection with the recently released aa new format and additional keys you agree , please spread it among your friends ! Panoramio has introduced a new format to ensure that users are not asked . Could be linked to the old format (when I could still fix things that can not be the new one ) a while back , but it can also be eliminated. The current new format function is incomplete, often unmanageable visually confusing and I could go on your weaknesses. Unfortunately Panoramio with not really be directly contacted , so the community strength left to forgive journey of this writing, if you respond and correct errors ( such uses as I do this post, who is more than 13,500 image is on the Panorama tin ) So let's look at the objections : - The Regina was a series of eight 3 -3 image, matrix-like layout. The újnál , if you are standing up, then pulled from the columns and on the whole a chaotic , disorganized appearance of the whole . - Than the old one was space to put the tags ( labels) on the site within the image, the mostaninál not due to congestion . The solution is not to say if 10 label I put the pictures below , you can individually look at both ten , which one left off . Then I saw all of them, not just one , so no one had a checked. - The labels when looking around in other people album ( but that is the point to get to know other people's images ), although they are in alphabetical order , but in bulk ( disordered ) impact because they are not organized into columns . - In addition to groups : we will not let my pictures either attached to the group , which I will choose , but only the last five being , these are not. The current management team invitation practically useless . - There is a page that you are more still images in a row , the first page 5 row 5! set image is displayed (instead of the old 3 ) however, the number of slips viewing them as it has no place and should be read in light gray with white letters and numbers in the gaps between the images , which is impossible . 2 / So my suggestions : - If you can not restore the old format , it was decided to place eight 3-3 pictures and not displaced , crowded each other . - Appear on the labels under the pictures - The labels, when I look alien album , even columns appear , one line per label ( much better search ) . - Be a suitable treatment group invitation . Let me join my group in any of these , but especially the ones that I want. If they already have them, you're almost back could go back to the old format , but without it only very limited use of the new format . Now they suddenly came to my mind ! . This application note describes Google translator , but I hope nevertheless to understand what I wrote . If anyone knows a better translation , or other supplements , do you thank .

Es curioso como la estación que lleva el mismo nombre de la ciudad, Buenos Aires, se parezaca apenas a un galpón abandonado.

al fondo se deja ver el Hospital Churruca.

No recuerdo exactamente el funcionamento de este "juego" supuestamente había que demostrar tu propia fuerza dando una piña/puñetazo al centro del boxeador (donde esta el hueco había una especie de almohadilla).

Es probable que hayan parado allá, en la estación Vedia, pero muchas veces a pasar por el Puente Alsina (Uriburo) los veía hace años muy rapiñados, corroidos, y uno que otro incendiados. Muy triste el final de esos vagones.

A la derecha, con su estructura metálica, el Puente Alsina (o más correctamente Puente Uriburu)

Lo vi pasar un par de veces, nunca tuve oportunidad de viajar en el CMV, a su paso, me recordó a un colectivo! pero sobre las vías, muy bueno!

estaba creo en una de las torres originalmente, ahora esta en un patio frontal

Detalle de una de las torres de la Iglesia de Lujan, luego de la restauración(todavía están trabajando), le volvo el color original a las fachadas.


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