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Hello Peter i am pleased you like this one the last shot of the day as we walked back to our cars .. i did wonder if it would turn out due to the low light by then

best wishes ... steve

Thank you again here Peter for your "like" here .. i am not sure without looking if the original was accepted by GE but it seems things may have tightned up on selection since then if so

best wishes .. steve

Hello Peter SNAP INDEED:)) on this lovely shot now upgraded to a YS-L

best wishes ... steve

Hello Peter thank you again for calling in on another re-posted shot from the day and i agree what a lovely day it was spent walking to the lineside locations

best wishes ... steve

Hello Alan at leased the houses would be out of shot here in the field behind me BUT access to this spot may well be restricted but for lineside pass holders

best wishes ... steve

Hello Alan thank you for your "like" here on this one from a location you know well :))

ok on the new posts :))

best wishes ... steve

Hello Peter yes another repost here from our day our on the North Norfolk Railway .. i remember seeing you pass me in the field here as you drove past then returning to walk across and enjoy the scenery :))

best wishes ... steve

Hello Peter yes a repost from my old gallery as you noticed .. i have now replaced the missing link on your shot of Kinlet Hall to this shot :))

best wishes ... steve

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for reminding me about this one, and for the nice awards. I must say that I had forgotten all about it. I am not so disappointed that it won't be there this weekend. I've had a good look at the revised timetable, and weather, (which seems to be getting worse by the hour) for tomorrow. The only thing different is one freight train which makes one round trip of the line, and a short 10 minute journey to Damems. Everything else is almost business as usual. If I get up in time I'll go, or else not.

Best Wishes Peter


Thank you again Doug your YS-L is very much appreciated as always .. i must try to get to more Moors steam Gala's :))

best wishes ... steve


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