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As time goes by...there'll be some moments, places/things, feelings, one might like to keep a memory of, and perhaps even share with 'complete strangers'. So, here... Hope you'll find something interesting/enjoyable here - thanks for visiting!
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All 4 'rain pictures' are beautiful, Ed - the geometry, reflections, long street views... Lovingly preserved city (historical center?) The cobble stones are especially charming - we have hardly any left here...
I just wonder if it's the 'light rain' or 'rain light' that make those pictures so appealing? :)
Greetings from (you won't believe it!) hot and humid NY ~ B.

Oh, no problem, David - there is a title and description, explaining the most important things... I'm fully aware of the 100 year anniversary (i just made a typo...1000 - wonder if it would still be remembered then?) It's of huge importance to remember each and every one of those savagely killed (slaughtered actually), in the WWI, and subsequently in the far worse (who could have imagined it's possible to be worse) WWII... Is it the end of it? So far we've been lucky - is it because it's easier to talk? Perhaps, and it's not less important to listen, remember, teach...

I feel very honored by your praise, Boris! I'm an inquiring person and like to try new things and glad you like my testing. Thanks for your encouragement!

As you know, interpreting symbols is part of my second profession, Boris! ;)

Great perspective in this 'moody' shot, _Boris.

The sunlight bouncing off the rain on the boards really grabs the attention.

Another 'apocalypse' pic in you portfolio that I like a lot (must've been the heavy downpour that cleared the area.) :o)

Greetings in brightly lit, and with well populated friendly adverbs, ~ :D

'Dear Mom & Dad, sunny weather but very windy, walked 30 miles today and our feet are killing us; we're looking on the bright side though, only have 20 to do tomorrow. Could commit murder for a hot steaming bath, love'.......

A good sign someone's thinking of a problem, is when they twist their hair, as she is doing.

As you mentioned, letter writing is a pastime that's slowly becoming extinct, could be this photo' is one of the last recordings in the 21st century of humans scribbling on wood pulp. :)

Paper, pen and ink-free good wishes, ~ :D

Good idea, Poly, it'll have to do until we'll be having fun in driverless cars :)

Beautifully described, David - It's a very good feeling, when one's image inspires such a writing!
More of them warm amber greeting to you ~ B.

Thank you very much, Poly - sometimes magic just happens (with a little help of humidity, sand and setting sun))

Thank you David! I was drawn to the 'disappearing' figures - with sunsets there's always this 'going, going...almost gone...gone!' thing...
There should be some more of them in store for us, though!
Now 'Sun in zenith' greetings, ~B.

The thought about the Swiss flag crossed my mind too, Poly, and in original 'white on red' it would really stand out against grey skies! :)
The embassy is in Washington D.C, but to have a Swiss Consulate by the ocean (at least in summertime) would probably make some employees happy - they can enjoy the beach before they start, during lunch break, and all the after work hours :) The visitors would benefit greatly too - ample parking, relaxing atmosphere, suntanned and courteous clerks...
The title just meant 'Right leaning rain' (nothing political) - what did you read into it? :) Greetings, B.

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