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As time goes by...there'll be some moments, places, feelings, one might like to keep a memory of, and perhaps even share with complete strangers. So, here... I really enjoy sharing comments (not necessarily of standard copy-paste variety)) Have a slight aversion towards over-manipulated images, HDR, and impersonal postcard-photomural-imagebank style photos. Thanks for visiting - "Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding!" :)

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Hello-o Boris, you're very faint, I can hardly hear you, I'll get the operator to re-route the call....helloo...did you catch that?

Those were the days eh! When folks had to crank the handle round-and -round to power the line, I remember them well....(not really, only kidding!) :))

You mention coming over to the U.K. in the distant future: - the country is changing fast in lots of ways, mainly culturally; the buildings I couldn't say if they will still be standing, but people standing in queues will be (we're awfully polite y'know) some things like that I think will never change, we will be still obsessed with history and tradition, and of course , the weather! :)

The sculpture? I don't know if it's the same artist involved, I like modern art but only in the right settings and this one I felt didn't fit there, but that's just a personal thing.

Considerable cheers for reading this far, but I like the sound of my own keyboard! :)) - D.

Thanks, Antje - I will now - good luck to you, and hope to 'see' you soon too!

Daher, willkommen zurück die kleine Anna.

It's no wonder I was confused with your cosmopolitan background, at least I have an excuse! :)

Height isn't as important as what's in the heart, and I guess you have a lot of that.

Alas, I have forgotten most of the German I learnt many years ago, but Google Translate helps when needed (in a mangled kind of way) so all is not lost.

I too enjoy your responses, it's fun to talk, - best of warm wishes, - D. :)

Matthias - anything with the word 'perfect' + a little laugh will go a long way - thanks! :)

Ed - really nice to hear from you! We're all 'part of it', but they are graceful even in 'dispute'. Peaceful and friendly greetings, - B. (Thanks for RBL!))

David - thank you very much for elaborating and fine-tuning - your noting of the Light makes it complete :)

And mine too, Annushka (lil' Anna)! :)

it all started with the peony, Antje... :)

echo never sounded so sweet :)

I'm already 'addicted' to your creative way with words, dear David, and 'creative' means, that you are not likely to come to the end of 'repertoire' any time soon - very thankfully! :)
Your metaphor sounds very delicious, and you got me by surprise with "corking shot" - most pleased and honored!
'Blushing pink' greetings, - B.

An even better title Boris, also forever young too! :)

Yuri, again many thanks for your visit! Best wishes, Antje

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