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As time goes by...there'll be some moments, places/things, feelings, one might like to keep a memory of, and perhaps even share with 'complete strangers'. So, here... Hope you'll find something interesting/enjoyable here - thanks for visiting!

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Preciosa toma. Muy bonito encuadre. like

Saludos. JLuis

Thanks Amelia, glad you like it the same way i did! Greets, Ed

Thank you very much, Roger, for the nice and kind comment. Glad you like this picture.

Regards. Claudio

Hi Boris! After some time the rain stopped and i went outside to take a few pics. ( the pic named "mirror" on the right). I could not get out of my house without getting my feet wet. You are right about the preparation, our sewage systeem can deal with those situations uptil now. The "flood" was gone in about ten minutes.

I agree with both you and David, the atmosphere and when the rain stops, the whole surrounding is refreshed and the smell is one of new life. Most of the time the wind is completely gone. ( not for long in Holland)

Thanks for your refreshing comments, Boris and David! You've brightened this morning!

Greets, Ed

I liked the transformation from the very famous photo (and our photo walk Boris :)) to this painting very much! Greetings Thomas

Thanks Boris.

The people of Hartlepool have a great sense of humour, - notice the monkey on the table?

This is the story...

The monkey-hanging legend is the most famous story connected with Hartlepool.

During the Napoleonic Wars a French ship was wrecked off its coast.

There was a fear of a French invasion of Britain and much public concern about the possibility of French infiltrators and spies.

The fishermen of Hartlepool fearing an invasion, kept a close watch on the French vessel as it struggled against the storm, but when the vessel was severely battered and sunk, they turned their attention to the wreckage washed ashore.

Among the wreckage lay one wet and sorrowful looking survivor, the ship’s pet monkey, dressed to amuse in a military style uniform.

The fishermen apparently questioned the monkey and held a beach-based trial. Unfamiliar with what a Frenchman looked like they came to the conclusion that this monkey was a French spy and should be sentenced to death.

The unfortunate creature was to die by hanging, with the mast of a fishing boat providing a convenient gallows.

The very best of greetings ( with, as Chuck Berry would say, 'no monkey business'.) ~ D. :))

Had the swan seen this picture', that disappointment would disappear quickly! :)

Best regards - B.

I hear you, Volker - in those dark shadows of the past, those simple brass squares with '...lived, deported..., murdered...' shine like gold, helping to keep the memory alive.
Deep gratitude to the artist, many people involved, and special thanks to you for so nicely documenting it for Panoramio!
Kind regards - B.

Thank you Boris

.. the rush hour for swans you talked about... a nice idea that made me smile. But that they are following traffic rules well is true only at first sight :).

Seconds later there was a huge stampede as can be seen on picture (5). It needed some minutes to get them back on the way to the river leading them to the centre of our town.

The story behind is, that the Hamburg swans are living during summer at lake Alster as a tourist attraction. During winter they are staying in an ice free and fenced pond next to my house. So this year I took some photos of the trek to their summer accomodation.

Hello, Eduardo.

Many thanks for your comment, it is very much appreciated!

Best regards, ~ David.

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