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Спасибо, Boris!

Раз краска испаряется, в палитре - все преимущества vintage: сценическая археология поразительной расточительности : ))

Best wishes, In-My-Tracksuit With-The-Sneakers.

It is nice to remember them, Boris.

Yes, Venice is a special place, especially for photographers, even when it's pouring-down cats and dogs as just before we left.

I'm resorting to 'memories' now, I haven't had chance to get out-and- about lately.

Large (dry) gondolas of warm greetings, ~ :D

Boris, i've downloaded this picture to let it appear on my screen when closing down my computer, hope you don't mind me doing so......

Yes, Boris... the 'wheel of Life' never stands still. Things change, sometimes to the better and sometimes not. But after winter always comes spring, that's for sure! :)

Отличная фотография!

Радость для поклонников литературных реминисценций и суеверий : )) и для ценителей нетрафаретного звучания захватывающе драматичной (пасторальной) атмосферной тональности, украшающей многие Ваши работы.

Катер и самолет можно было бы разменять на айсберг, тающий у береговой линии. Однако Провидение, как известно, не домино : )

You are right as always, David - I seem to be stuck in this 'maudlin', nostalgic mood - it must be annoying for others, that have a more 'positive' and 'grown-up' attitude, and a more clear vision of things to come.
Glad to hear that it's a good omen according to wise people :)
It's sure a right time now to look at clouds from both sides, perhaps paying more attention, as you suggest, to the bright one in particular :)
Warm autumn greetings to you too - B.

Many thanks, zhsv, I appreciate your compliment very much; regards to you also, ~ David.

Hi Amelia, really stood there for a while to enjoy the view, though i walked there a thousand times before to go to my job.....

Greets, Ed

Hi Boris! This is part of my every day morning walk to my job a little bit further up the road. I deliberately park my car about 2 kilometers away to take this early morning stroll and get refreshed at work. Imagine my grin from 9 till 5...., even in the rain or a foggy day its a pleasing walk in the still silent streets.....

Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed the view. Greets, Ed

Hey Boris, I'm delighted that this severely cropped photo' pulled your ears back!

It feels like everyone is going into a 'squirrel' mode and starting to hibernate until this 'Autumn of discontent' is over and everyone has metamorphosed into different forms.

I have been storing photographic nuts on Flickr, but am not totally enamored with it, so my cache is now being replaced in the 'ipernity' photo site, just in case Pano' doesn't work out to everyone's satisfaction.

As D.D. sang - "whatever will be, will be."

Nice to talk as always, laid-back salutations, ~ :D

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