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My first impression was an upside down photo with reflections on water Boris (if you know what I mean...) like the atmosphere. Many greetings Thomas

Thank you very much, Karsten, with winter approaching, there will be more B&W coming for sure... Your comment is very pleasing and inspiring - glad the image/s resonate through continents, and convey feelings and emotions in language of classic black & white.

that's a big and encouraging thing to hear! thanks!

Hi, Boris.

'Seven feet of snow'! - that's outrageous!

Over here, we grumble at 7 millimeters. :o)

It's nice to hear that your area has missed the brunt of it, maybe in Buffalo they are all watching Norwegian T.V to calm down after shoveling tons of snow away (as they do in Northern Scandinavia.)

Of which, brings me around to 'slow T.V.'; - it was most amusing to read about it, my only reaction is, I won't be buying shares in these television companies, I just can't see the logic of their thinking; the ultimate conclusion would be watching the Universe expand to its thrilling climax ( in the series ending in a googol number!) :o)

It's nice to see the world through your eyes, best wishes, ~ D.

Thank you Mark,

I'm pleased that you like it.

Cheers. GGR

It could've been, if it was taken in late 60s, and in b&w - the scenery is very much the same :) We often project ourselves on the subjects, and it's true in this case, so the question is actually 'to the point' - very perceptive, waldwind :) - thank you!

Very interesting colors, like that old infrared color film - out-worldly, and very much in spirit of this unique place.
I have a strong feeling 'we're not in Kansas anymore' :) .

I'm glad you like this picture, чудеса. Many thanks!

Очень хорошая фотография. Наилучшие пожелания. Miracle

This caught my eye immediately -- Windows are a special love of mine. The patterns and colors of the pipes and wires on the building. . . and then those happy melon smiles!

Only after loving the photo for itself did I read your story. . . poignant in itself, but then, of course, it sent me into my own memories. This could be the cover photo on your memoir.


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