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As time goes by...there'll be some moments, places/things, feelings, one might like to keep a memory of, and perhaps even share with 'complete strangers'. So, here... Hope you'll find something interesting/enjoyable here - thanks for visiting!

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Девочка испанских кровей:)

Ich habe eine Affinität zum platten Land, Thomas, auch wenn ich gerne in den Bergen wandere. Nein, ich habe nie im Münsterland direkt gelebt. Ursprünglich stamme ich aus dem Westerwald, habe elf Jahre in Bonn und dann sieben Jahre in Bochum gelebt, bevor es mich nach Bern verschlagen hat, (Ich scheine auch eine Affinität zu Städten zu haben, die mit B beginnen!) In meiner Zeit in Bochum war ich immer wieder mal im Münsterland unterwegs und eine Freundin stammt aus Coesfeld.
So sind mir die weiten Felder dort recht vertraut.
Herzlichst, Antje

Perhaps I'll try some day, David. (@@))

I know what you mean, the place from the side looks as though it's no longer in business.

Scarbro' I think has lost some of its past glitter, whether it re-shines itself only time will tell.

Hope the week went well for you David, best regards, - D.

Thank you very much, Boris and Yuri, for your kind comments and L. Best wishes,

Dear friends thank you so much for your visit and awards.

Hi Stulev, you are very right. I had made mistake. Thank you.


Thank you very much, dear Felix!

I'm glad we're in agreement again, David!
Interestingly, in Russian there's a saying "to see Paris and die", and even a movie (from the 90s) by that title... Now though, 'petro$$' can buy 1/2 of London, and 'to see Paris' is easier than to get from one end of Moscow to another in typical traffic :)
So, let's leave all options on the table (less Naples and Paris))
Big Cheers - B.

Yes, Antje - no doubt - it's #12 - the 'Rathaus' stop :))

It must've, Antje - shocking and dazzling it is! :))


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