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As time goes by...there'll be some moments, places/things, feelings, one might like to keep a memory of, and perhaps even share with 'complete strangers'. So, here... Hope you'll find something interesting/enjoyable here - thanks for visiting!

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**Marlene & JLuis. Thank you both for your comments. I am very pleased that you liked the angled shot of this huge 'spider's web' of ropes.

Greetings in return. ~ :D

I liked the transformation from the very famous photo (and our photo walk Boris :)) to this painting very much! Greetings Thomas

I hear you, Volker - in those dark shadows of the past, those simple brass squares with '...lived, deported..., murdered...' shine like gold, helping to keep the memory alive.
Deep gratitude to the artist, many people involved, and special thanks to you for so nicely documenting it for Panoramio!
Kind regards - B.

Thank you Boris

.. the rush hour for swans you talked about... a nice idea that made me smile. But that they are following traffic rules well is true only at first sight :).

Seconds later there was a huge stampede as can be seen on picture (5). It needed some minutes to get them back on the way to the river leading them to the centre of our town.

The story behind is, that the Hamburg swans are living during summer at lake Alster as a tourist attraction. During winter they are staying in an ice free and fenced pond next to my house. So this year I took some photos of the trek to their summer accomodation.

Boris & Marlene, no, not the frame of mind that prevailed then, or now; this vertical composition was named purely on a moments whim. :)

Thank you both for the complimentary nature of the photo' and your concern for the mental condition of the photographer, I'm touched! :)

Greetings in a lighthearted aquamarine hue. :D

Thanks, Volker - I'm pleased you like the way I photograph the cityscape. To get a good (technically speaking) shot of building/street one needs either a view camera, or a 'shift' lens, or an access to good vantage point. I don't use the first (too cumbersome and expensive with film), don't own the second, so I'm limited to the third option - such vantage points are scarce, but there are a few... This one taken from the pedestrian overpass.
Best regards ~ B.

Hello Volker - thank you for visiting and leaving many interesting comments!
Your picture has a nice sunny feel to it (despite the rain) - it's lucky you didn't delete it! I regret Sue Allen is not on Pano anymore...
Glad you liked the 'series' - it could've gone on, and on, like some freewheeling jazz - the variations and nuances are endless, but the leitmotiv, the mood, is almost the same in all of them.
Kind regards ~ B.

Thank you Volker - as it often happens - no preconceived idea, but an 'accidental' glance upwards opened this 'fresh' point of view...
Kind regards, ~ B.

Thank you Volker - the dusk is truly a remarkable, 'transforming' time. 'Things' might happen unexpectedly, just when it seems that all the light is gone...
Greetings, and best wishes - B.

Thank you, David - I have you in mind when taking 'nocturnal' shots :)
Actually DVF has the whole building with interesting glass penthouse - very nice presence she has.
The 'wishes' container safely arrived - most kind of you...
The eighteen-wheeler, loaded with assorted greetings and 'best wishes' ,was dispatched expeditiously to Hurworth -on-Tees ~B


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