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As time goes by...there'll be some moments, places/things, feelings, one might like to keep a memory of, and perhaps even share with 'complete strangers'. So, here... Hope you'll find something interesting/enjoyable here - thanks for visiting!

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No reason to be embarrassed, Boris!
'Day-tripping' from Switzerland is not only possible because of it's 'strategic' location in the mids of Europe, but also because it's such a small country! Imagine... New York State is more than three times as big as Switzerland! ;)

How lovely to see the willow-herb framing this lovely railway line, . It must be nice to take a trip here in the train!

Warm hugs, Amelia

That's right, Boris. The house where he was born, is not very far away from that door! :)

Then I'll willingly elaborate, to get closer to your 'spirit of things', Antje - sentenced to/for (long) life in 'love, happiness, beauty, health and harmony' ... So, indeed, here's to/for Life! Amitié, bienveillance, gentillesse, sympathie - B.

This symbolic image lends itself to many interpretations, and David found an interesting angle! :)

Of course, everything except: 'what time it is?' :) I think the lady is well equipped, and in control of all the parameters you've listed, David :)
Yes, as usual, I'm slightly crossing the line, and casting my long, dark shadow on things...
I used to have time on my hand, but now, like most (including you?) it's in this, or that pocket (still running 'like crazy' thought))
Hope my 'Best wishes' will be arriving to you on time today ~B.

'New life' is very lively indeed around those old walls and columns of Saint-Pierre, Boris.

Very interesting architecture, Antje! Built in Maroccan style - definitely for all-Sephardic congregation. The clock has no numbers, but words Jerusalem, Israel (makes for 15 hours in English spelling))

Thank you Boris! It's definitely an industrial relic representing "old economy" so to speak. As translation I found the word furnace. My next visit will be in the night when the whole area is illuminated (There are many examples of beautiful photos taken in the dark on Panoramio). Many greetings (also from the fashionable lady). Thomas

You're far too kind Boris, but thank you anyway; best described as 'a sleight of hand' that we all have to resort to at times.

Wishing you a 'con abbandono' weekend (when not dealing with TBOL) ~ :D

Beautiful, inspirational description, David!
Thankfully oil-skins are not needed yet, it's ok to leave them on the shore, and go swimming - water is still quite warm (71°F right now).! This little thunderstorm produced a kind of unusual appearance above the horizon line - 'milky' fog/mist/haze, that stayed there for a while - I have not seen it before... (I guess in you climate you've seen them all))
Best wishes of warm currents and sunny skies ~ B.

Thank you, Sergey - I'm glad you like the ocean too :)


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