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As time goes by...there'll be some moments, places, feelings, one might like to keep a memory of, and perhaps even share with complete strangers. So, here... I really enjoy sharing comments (not necessarily of standard copy-paste variety)) Have a slight aversion towards over-manipulated images, HDR, and impersonal postcard-photomural-imagebank style photos. Thanks for visiting - "Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding!" :)

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I'll try to show you those colors soon.
I'm surprised, David, you know so much of 'Americana'!
Possum cans?! Yikes! I heard, they also consume squirrels (!) down there... I try to avoid anything that "tastes like chicken", unless it is chicken :))
'Carnation' we have here as well. Trilby hats are not so rare - some young ladies wear them, as well as some 'hipsters'. Pipes are rare indeed - cigar smoking is a little more common.
Pipe/cigar-smoke-free greetings, - B.

1/60s and F5.6, just like in the beginning, with film cameras...
Delightful is an ease and speed, with which the color can be captured and results shawn in this day and age.
I still miss B&W darkroom sometimes, but never the color one... Boy - was it a monumental waste of time and money, and I hated the smell of it!
Framing by tree/s is something I enjoy doing - it breaks the boring rectangle.
Thanks for partaking, David!
Greetings, - B.

Thank you, _Joli.

It was a lovely little church in a beautiful place, I'm very pleased you've told me that you like it, warm wishes, - D.

Thank you dear Boris. Best wishes. GGR

Thank you Joeri. GGR

David, a picture tells more than a thousand words but Boris is coming close.... :) Greets, Ed

Спасибо, Борис. Мороженое я заметила только что, с Вашей подачи:)

синяя женщина и синий купол - я теперь слежу за этим, учусь :)

Я поставила большущий пост в своем форуме со всеми своими снимками о Union Sq, но прежде подготовилась по инету и вот что прочла про фонтан старинный фонтан, выполненный по заказу общества борцов за трезвость:)

Yes, Antje - it just 4 short block from your hotel, and I can imagine the feeling, when you turned the corner to 5th Ave, and saw the thing... Pleasure following in your footsteps :)

Oh, one just came for a brief visit 45 minutes ago :)

I love the way you come and change things around, Antje :)

You really have a picture of the Gershwin Hotel!!! Good to see that it's still there after all these years, Boris! Thank you for the reminder! :-)


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