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Thanks Amelia, not wet , but very clean.... :)

Greets, Ed

I love it, Boris... missed that so much! And you're right, this is the highest hill you can find in this area.

"Cлегка уплощенный" - thank you Vladimir :)

Glad this late evening sight caught your eye, dear Ed - happy about you being inspired to run out with your trusty Canon, and with the new addition to your Favs - thank you!
The thing I like the most here is that dotted string of lights in the distance, lining up with the guardrail, and also, the shades of blue...(and the 'blue mood' in general))
Thanks for the music - it does go well together!
Best wishes, and friendly greetings, - B.

Collective huge 'thank you David!', for taking time to come along, and enjoy the summer evening on the Long Beach boardwalk.
Joys of summer are presenting themselves in lovely smiles, warmths of sunset light, casual and friendly atmosphere, aromas of 'world cuisines' and of course - the nearness of the ocean... Pls come back for another helping of delicious Arepas :) - B.

Enlarging the photo' again, the writing on the side of the 'all-terrain' looks like -'Getting Dad Speedin'', - an optimistic wish that I hope develops for little 'winnie' and his company.

We'll never find out what the future holds in store for him, maybe he'll also be a 'F A-m' and save a grateful nation! :)

My amusement continues, with the consequently pleasant outcome of my ears being pushed further back! - D. :)

My education proceeds apace with your inputs Boris, I had to inquire further as to who Mr Swenson was, the excuse for my lack of awareness about him is that it's a very big world. :)

Taking your alphabetical whimsy a step further, - SEWN, as in sewn up,.. which I think it now is, in all frankness. :)

I appreciate your 'tail winds' wish, I'll have to grab them again very shortly, my photographic store is looking exceedingly bare now,

The best of wishes to you too, no matter in what direction fate points you in. ~ D.

Thank you, Matthias - I was also was fascinated by this unusual work - it's a kind of projection, that reflects life and at the same time creates the new reality...

Funny way to look for a lost wallet, David... but may be not - fitness fanatic would use every opportunity to pump 'this or that' up: 'let me look for that wallet without touching the ground - great upper body workout!' :)
Totally agree with you about the light - 2000-3000°K, and ~25°C - perfect balance :)
Enjoy every such evening, 'while supply last' - B.

Definitely, there's some element of both (fanaticism and resignation/boredom) here - well observed again, David!
Energizing 'feeling good' greetings, - B.


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