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As time goes by...there'll be some moments, places/things, feelings, one might like to keep a memory of, and perhaps even share with 'complete strangers'. So, here... Hope you'll find something interesting/enjoyable here - thanks for visiting!

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You've got some interesting characters there already, Thomas, and the rest we can re-imagine - the Parisian atmosphere comes out very nicely in all these classic B&W shots.
Have a great week, - B.

Ooops-she's here... Hello Antje! :)
So, what kind of thing is it ?? Be so kind...

Hello Marlene, yes it's quite a structure, a full day's job involved just keeping the grass in control I would imagine.

It wasn't until the photo had been taken, that I noticed the distant figure of the hardy individual exploring the dimensions of this medieval ex-garden, I owe him thanks for giving the scene some idea of perspective.

Your "wow" is a delight for my eyes, warm greetings, - D. :)

Yes, I really enjoyed my stroll around your grounds Boris, I'll give you plenty of notice of when I'm coming.

Bring some friends and a hamper full of champagne, quail's eggs, caviar and strawberries, then give us all a tour of the estate to follow, that would be a real treat! :^)

Good health, - D.

This fella, caught center-stage among honeysuckles and other assorted flora, looks completely at home perched over his cool pond.

A steady hand and a good hawk-eye has brought home the goods for you Boris!

A lovely natural shot that's well framed. - Tweeting you my regards, - D. :)

This recently ancient man o' war greets visitors to his bastion home Boris.

Perched on a granite cliff surrounded by ephemeral swirling damp mists, he provides an aura solemnity to the castle's environs (not to mention eager photographers.)

A place I always wanted to visit, it was all that was hoped for, and well worth the effort!

Peaceful greetings shooting back, - D.

A damp drizzly day worked to my advantage with this panorama Boris, it has helped to emphasize those "misty echoes" you mentioned of its turbulent history.

It also helped having the W. Wallace (a.k.a. Mel Gibson) monument as a focal point, almost like an ancient rocket on its rocky launch-pad. :)

I enjoyed your 'poetic' description, it was 'smack-on'!

Volumes of condensed good wishes drifting your way, - D.

This is one thing i also thought about, but that wasn't funny enough to post. I imagined this is the rest of one of these, but that sign - as far as i know - is still complete. And the letters are different fonts. So it will stay a secret to me :-)

... still a big allurement on you backyards! ;-)


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