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As time goes by...there'll be some moments, places/things, feelings, one might like to keep a memory of, and perhaps even share with 'complete strangers'. So, here... Hope you'll find something interesting/enjoyable here - thanks for visiting!

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Magic red mesh - fragments of fragments... Do you still see the sea in black, Keisuke?

I'm glad nothing holds you, Yolanda - sea is freedom!
The screen only accentuates it...

Thank you for the Favs, guys!

An absolute must I would imagine, Boris.

Those innovative Victorians must have surely allowed for their derrières to be suitably accommodated on this marvelously stupendous travelling machine. :¬)

The same Gr-r-r-eeet-t-t-in-ggg-s --be-i-ng re-cyc-l-ed. :D

Ah yes, Plexiglass, that word brings back memories!

In my late school days, being an avid reader of anything to do with aircraft, this cropped up regularly when U.S. makers were mentioned.

I see that modern derivatives are used in many things including lenses for cataract replacements, dentures etc...etc., and now referred to as PMMA.

Similar salutations from the continent of Ilford, Leica, Zeis and I.C.I. (now Lucite International.) ~ D. :)

Thank you, Yolanda - it might be symbolic: lifeguard's place is empty - just a little emblem of former power and glory is left, before it's blown off by the winds of change... Hope not :)
Saludos - B.

You've got the mood just right, Ed - crystal bowl showing end of summer...
Greetings - B.

Nearly, Boris.

I'm going to name it "Death Of A Photographer" and when all the 'rocks' roll in from the film rights, I'll fly over and give you a memorable send-off. :)

That Jacob Riis was quite a man! - I'd never heard of him before.

It was very interesting to read of the vicissitudes in his life, his connection with flash photography and his philanthropy, it isn't any wonder they named places in his honour!

No, definitely no evening gourmet delights in the alfresco vein this time around. :)

Two benevolently - nonthreatening antonyms winging their way, (best I could dredge up.) ~ :D

Thank you David and Tom - glad you've enjoyed yet another sunset light in the familiar entourage of NY water tanks, ESB, subway fixtures - please tell me when you'll have enough of this stuff :)

David - he's not her boyfriend - the guy just likes running (even on subway platforms). I like your 'scenarios' though :)

Best regards to both of you!

I didn't get 'very far', David, but I'm pleased with this shot anyway - you've got the atmosphere just right - to add the aromas of summer grasses. jasmine, and the picture is complete :)
Thanks for the company - till next walk - B.

Yes, David - all the elements of a 'proven formula' are there - guaranteed to get your attention :)
Glad you could come out, and enjoy the radiant soft light on this balmy August evening!
(Almost) end of summer greetings ~ B.


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