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Szia, kedves idetévedt idegen!☺ -------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- "Az elkapott szép pillanatot a világhálóra beszőttem örökre! - P®eisz Tivadar" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ha van rá időm, szeretek fotókat készíteni mert az oly jó :), Írj, ha valamelyik fotóm tetszik: ✍ tivadar_5@msn.com Köszi! Üdv: ☂..Preisz Tivadar .. ☂

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Csodálatos felvétel! TETSZIK/KEDVENC.

Üdv.: Imre

Gyönyörűséges ez a kép is, remek munka. Tetszik/Kedvenc.

Üdv.: Imre


Udv. IC

Mint Teacska emlitette...ALL IN



Bombasztikus, kedvez Cimbi!

Udv. Zimbi

Νίκος για φιλικούς χαιρετισμούς από την Ουγγαρία! Είμαι πολύ ευτυχής που σας βλέπω σε αυτή την εικόνα! János

Eszter, de szépen egymás mellé rendezted a két képet! Nagyon tetszik nekem és természetesen mind a kettő a kedvencem! Puszillak, Péter

Wonderful picture.

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Best wishes from India, Anand

I just posted at the forum :

Dear friends,

I read many of your opinions. I wrote mine, through comments at the site, and I also tried to inform many pano-friends, they weren't informed.

First of all, I think that Panoramio isn't a simple site for passing time. Panoramio is art, civilisation and mainly talented people with excellent galleries.

Personal contact is the most important than smartphones. Is not only to say "good, excellent, marvelous, fantastic photo". Many times I received wonderful messages from my favorite photographers and other pano-friends and from my part I'm still trying, through my photos, to give informations about locations, facilities, history, litterature, architecture, music etc. With many photographers I have a good relationship and we talk about many things, more than typical messages.

Yes, me too, I have one smartphone, this is progress in technology, but when I want to see photos I prefer my PC and not my smartphone. Because to see well a photo, you need a wide screen and not a 2,5 or 3,00 intches one. Certainly as technology progresses anyone can take excellent photos with smartphones. As I'm saying in my Panoramio profile "The better cameras in the world are human eye and mind. So, if someone isn't a professional photographer, he must trust his views and ideas of capture". But youger people use smartphones only for Facebook, SMS or MMS and nothing else. Last summer, during my holidays, many young people asked me to take their pictures with their own smartphone and after seeing at their picture, they asked me "Oh it's very nice ! How you did it ?"

I believe that, when technology ignores people, this is not a progress. So, why not to build a new stadium in the desert, far away from cities ?

I understand very well the interest of the company to increase the circle of influence and profit from the new application. I'm not opposite, this is normal in business affairs. But in this site expose their works 4.166.881 people. This is not a so big number (it's just a city like Athens, Greece).

Last year, Panoramio had a new form due to the requirements of the times. Just one year after this option is judged as ineffective, in view of the company's decision to shut it down.

I created my account in Views, because I don't wanτ to loose my work. Surfing on it, I shaw that the most viewed photo is a totaly indifferent photo of the National Bank of Greece ! And I Know very well the reasons ! :-) On the other hand, images that I consider worthy, have few views. Migrating statistics gives an absolutely different image of the photographer.

Finaly, I am sure that any decision can be changed. I suppose that Google doesn't want to promote only a new application, but also the culture and arts.

Panoramio can co-exist with Views, our "favorite photographers" to exist, because this is the human communication at the internet, and both statistics can appear separately.

I believe that, finally there is a solution for all the issues that arise, if all of us show the right mood to help, each in his own way, to create a truly remarkable application that takes into account the culture and people.

Kind regards

Christos Theodorou

Beautiful shot ... almost 3D F and L

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