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The restored sign seen here with the street side windows that allow viewing from Pennsylvania Avenue.

This old sign, restored, is preserved under glass skylights that can be seen in the overhead image of the location. The windows to the left are for shops in the little city shopping center. Another set of tall windows are for the street side. There are many of these old wall signs in the area, but no others that I know of are protected and restored.

There is now a book shop through those first doors down to the right. From that bookshop can be seen the preserved painted sign, as restored, on the wall of the building adjacent to the right. Tall windows on the street side allow those observant people that notice to view the sign, particularly at night when it is floodlit.

I was struck by that classic small town theater building while driving by in daylight. This makes it spectacular. The colors, particularly the green, brought back memories from sixty years ago. Thanks!

Frager's is still like that, though some of the really old type stuff went with the fire. I gather some stock was left over from the 1930s! It is still my last resort place for something odd that just cannot be found in the suburbs. I'd looked for months in Home Depot and Lowe's and then a couple of the small places remaining for a particular wing nut with a finer than usual thread to make it easy to connect the ground wire to my generator. No luck. Walked into Frager's and bought five, just in case.

It was. They had the usuals and this Greek oddity. I like to try the oddities. It was a bit like a gyro embedded in eggs. Very friendly little place, coffee was far better than usual so I am likely to put it on my list for any mid morning hunger events.

There is some small activity at the burned out shell of Frager's. Perhaps there will be some progress soon!

This little crocodile of kids hanging onto the loops is on the way for a class field trip, maybe as far as the Botanical Garden, though more likely a closer destination. One can almost say Cap Hill is now "infested" with these crocodiles roaming about. They almost always bring a grin.

I do not like waffles much so have just passed this interesting little place until recently when I was running nearly empty all morning and realized it had a few parking spots on the other side. For a better look at the building and my favorable review of service and food see see the previous photo titled "The Mildly Famous Waffle/Wafle Shop"

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