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A couple of my favorites, only occasionally made, are "after dinner" and more like a good wine in complexity. Some, like World Wide Stout, age well. Immort Ale made me do a double take. It had hints of good Scotch, a real hint of peat from its peat-smoked barley. The only "regular" of this sort that is almost always available is Palo Santo Marron, named because it is aged in a Paraguayan Palo Santo wood wooden brewing vessel. My "standard" is a made at the tap draft mix of the 90 and 60 minute called the 75 that much reminds me of the best of the old English best strong bitter. I guess for you German beer types it could be said my first taste of that strong bitter "ruined" me for the light yellow stuff.

btw - the pope's job is no longer available :)

Excellent capture



Forwood Building cupola as seen from the top of the parking garage at Washington Hospital Center. For a ground view see this photo by Rock N Roll Doctor. A September 2011 contract description notes:

The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) located in Washington, DC has a requirement for the Stabilization of the Forwood Building. The building was constructed in 1909. After construction was completed, a cupola and clock tower were added. The intent of this project is to structurally stabilize the tower.

The National Cathedral, March 2013, with scaffolding for earthquake damage repair (The Washington Monument is now getting scaffolding for the same purpose) as seen from the top of the parking garage at Washington Hospital Center.

This was once one of the most elegant department stores in Northern Virginia, Lord & Taylor (see a sketch and details here), when Falls Church and Seven Corners were the far suburbs. At the time, before Tysons, Fair Oaks and Pentagon City, the Seven Corners shopping center from where this photo is taken was also among the finest in the area, anchored by the regional favorite Woodward & Lothrop. The original enclosed mall was demolished with a large "strip mall" on the site.

Now. I've read the "Riddle of the Sands" an I can only recommend it!

Of course not. Thats exactly what I said about museum work. Day of the Dead is showy and attracts lots of visitors. Unfortunately no Mexican in museum. So the Peruvian colleague, who has never been in Mexico so far, has to do the job. Makes no difference. :-(

Museum, as it seems to be nowadays, is theater.

Yeah ®mene, lovely place to visit and look but not a place to linger for me. A week without a "big water" view and I get restless and claustrophobic. Love to pass through such country on a train and even a drive, look at some views, enjoy the heights and move on. Maybe boats on canals are the solution, perhaps the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal? Interesting how that works with some people "neutral" and others strongly "mountain," "plains" or "big water" in attraction.

lol... like FN said above: that guys seems more loving the easy way to live than the correct way of shipshaping :D

Guess they dont care about that stuff and use flags that are available. I loved that chaos aboard :)

Usch - ich hab schon den Eindruck das denen das gedöns viel zu viel war. Und: die Saison war um, kein Verkehr und keiner zu grüßen mehr unterwegs ;)

cheers, michael


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