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Πολύ ωραία φωτογραφία! Αρέσει!

he Manueline,or Portuguese late Gothic, is the sumptuous, composite Portuguese style of architectural ornamentation of the first decades of the 16th century, incorporating maritime elements and representations of the discoveries brought from the voyages of Vasco da Gama and Pedro Álvares Cabral. This innovative style synthesizes aspects of Late Gothic architecture with influences of the Spanish Plateresque style,Mudéjar, Italian urban architecture, and Flemish elements. It marks the transition from Late Gothic to Renaissance. The construction of churches and monasteries in Manueline was largely financed by proceeds of the lucrative spice trade with Africa and India. best regards

btw - just some days after that I took that announced ones they are here in. Within less than 750 days. But i hope they are worth an eye...

Zooming to maximum in the imagery makes me think not solar but fake fronts to give the impression of more height. That is not uncommon in the area. Some more elegant homes here show such extensions up that have far too little depth to be functional—other than possibly a fascinating little "attic" of some sort. Here is another fancy "cake decoration" just to make the building look taller and add decoration. These may be purely to give the appearance of another floor to the houses

...Marvin Gaye? Tha'ts pretty long time ago he was in the airplay charts

Two bit pop stars and vapid Alaska politicians get the attention.

Two bit pop stars - aka 'Hannah Montana' - Alaska politics lady

Maybe we can add this guy... :]

No space guys known over here...

Years ago, particularly in the Northeast, the culture seemed hostile to "old" and even "historic" so I have been pleased to see that change and restoration underway. Too often appreciation only comes after devastation. I also loved suddenly finding these beautiful old homes and buildings as little jewels among modern Rio. If the architect had really been clever this old home could have been incorporated as in the the Embajada de México in Washington. The same sort of thing is often done here in Washington where historic preservation is strong. For example the Embajada de España in which the old row houses front a modern building carrying some of the architectural details. I once stayed in a hotel in which the entrance was just such a preserved historic building.

East Capitol Street and 13th intersection at the east end of Lincoln Park.

The circles, triangles and diversions around parks, particularly where two of the types intersect, often challenge visitors (and sometimes residents) in navigation.

Unusually quiet time in the park.


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