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have watched lots of "skies" like that down in Sicily... True art in their respective way. Partially centuries old - other freshly made i modern styles.

...the imagination made you feel like sitting in a campus like that.

Tha reminds me sitting in that Babylonia Garden in Taormina, Sicily.

That link to Picasa Album works fine?

The front plaza is somewhat stark but the east side has this shaded walk and benches that look out to the Italianate style university buildings to give a view that for just a moment I could think I was back in Italy or Iberia looking to the red tile roofs. The buildings across Michigan Avenue are in northern European style.

The blue and gold Knights Tower spire just shows over the main building.

The Romanesque-Byzantine architecture of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception definitely gives the feel of the older architecture of Italy and the old Eastern Empire. Though I find the overall feel of this relatively new building somewhat stark, uncured by the age of those similar locations in the Old World, there are moments when one can feel a similar atmosphere. I got a definite bit of "elsewhere" just to the right as I looked out from the shaded walk to Italianate buildings with their red tiled roofs. For just a moment I had a flashback to some view in Italy or Iberia.

Thanks for the position correction. Taken just before going left to meet 50.

Is this the one with the train along the edge? I always wanted to take that trip!

Hope you enjoyed your time there. This used to be the best of the type in the city. A lot of "by the kilo" places have opened. Many are out in the "suburbs" and the last one I went to looked "fancy" but the food was very disappointing. This one was always expensive but the food was excellent. Of course you have been in the south where this style is native. Seafood was traditional on the coast, though this photo is in a place you probably also saw and is tourist oriented. Inland Alagoas is more like this or this and both of those are more for the visitor or locals dining out on an occasion. Decades ago when all the family was alive noon tables could rival some of those. When I first went there were always several meat/fish/chicken dishes, usually two types of beans and several other dishes such as one finds at the salad bars in these places. In the evening it was just soup, great soup, made from noon's leftovers. Simpler now, but still very good.

Sintra is commuter rail or bus travel away, frequent and short

...will have an eye on that. Have read that the touritsts pass still is available. We'll be there some days so let's wait and see. Travel books beginns to fill the table here...



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