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A partial list is here with several of those Navy ships, Rehoboth for one, becoming survey types. The Coast and Geodetic Survey, incorporated into NOAA used those Lake Washington builders for several ship. They are generally just over half that beam limit of the locks and even my big ships would fit. The "big" WW II cargo ships such as C2, Liberty and Victory types were less than 65 feet (19.8 m)in beam. Even "big" post war cargo ships would have fit the width, for example American Racer at 75 feet (22.8 m) would have made it. You have to get into later "jumbo" ships to exceed an 80 foot beam. You have to get into Captain Peter's big bulk carriers, for example UBC Saiki and her 27m beam, to get up past 80 feet.

you're welcome here at the Troll's cave, Faroma

cheers, michael

Back in the early 1970s Roy Rogers was my daughter's favorite eating place in our usual shopping mall. It was a common stand alone and shopping center place along with my favorite, Marriott'a Hot Shoppes JR., which was a Washington area fixture and much more popular than the national chains back then. Marriott decided to phase out the Hot Shoppe Jr. brand and replace it with Roy Rogers. Roy Rogers had burgers, but was noted for its crispy fried chicken. The appeal to the kids was a tendency to put spring mounted "Trigger" riding horses with trays in the places. This one in Manassas is the only one I have seen in decades! I stopped in about five years ago and the old "Western" decor was a flashback.

Tja, so sind wir halt, hier in der Schweiz ;-)

still not happened at this time :))

can picture that... that surely isn't the best way in a public bus. But these guys were excited to see crazy germans come around at this "outpost". Though some Europeans are over there - at that place they're a rare sight.

That is what Emerald tours offer...

yep.... they are coffee frantics in Seattle too. Lots of coffee shops. This one is taken out of the bus to Fremont... pic besides at the Lockspot...

We walked by on our way up there. Was a walk of about 1.5 mile from Ballard Bridge. Very exciting to see that Ballard Ave. Thank god we met that lady that pointed this out to us

Will send some tomorrow...

das im Hintergrund sind die Cascades. Der Vodergrund ist noch ein Ausläufer von Bainbridge Island.

Freut mich das es gefällt.... michael

good to read that they try to keep the structures :)


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