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exciting is: that is not a panorama in a more tight definition. No stitch, just a regular shot very hard cropped :)

promenade at rua Augusta, is a must

definitely! I agree, Christos :)


Mene, Sie haben nur gute Bilder hochgeladen .

das freut mich :)

Was ist aber mit der Flut von Ansichten - VIEWS - ,die von vielen Knipsern nur deshalb hochgeladen werden, um sich zu erleichtern?

...sind wir nicht alle ein bisschen Knipser? ;)

Thanks a lot, Argenna :)

Petition already signed....


rabauli.... das ist es was die meisten User ja wollen... Die einen ointensiver die anderen von Fall zu Fall...

Mal sehen was draus wird. Views auf IE ist bis jetzt noch schieet... Dauert wohl noch...

Und ha: das Kloster ist die Wucht. Doch ach das Centro Cultural daneben ist ein eye catcher

Yes, the outlines are there with plants all green. That makes me wonder if perhaps they may be planted with blooming plants for special occasions or may even be seasonal. Perhaps someone living there could explain.

na, bei fast 2/3 sind Wir ja nun...

Thanks, Cinza! Yep... :( Grato, RN & Glaucio! Abraços, André.

Wally :) Glad to see you here.

At the hotel in Ellsworth we asked where to go for dinner. They gave us that hint. As usual for Europeans we did not estimate the distances correctly and came around in Ellsworth... sorry: elsewhere in Ellsworth... ;) We found this.

Was great stuff there. Though I was not man enough to catch the eye of what I would eat pretty soon. So no fresh Lobster there. But later down the coast that happened... :)

Rustic / Rustikal is much OK. Rough edged....mmm... maybe some more like "traditional" but I can see what is meant :)


fundraising campaign to rebuild

seems to be common over there. Same thing here... - see that Aspen Times link. Other one is broken.

Have a great time Wally. Petition for Panoramio already signed?


Done. Have to say Panoramio's demise casts a cloud over the last days. I think the particular value is the intent and care some of us have in "describing the Earth" rather than just bulk imagery. I value StreetView, use it from checking an unfamiliar intersection for avoiding being in the wrong lane for an important turn to locating 40+ year old photographs—but it is just data. I know I've gone to an effort to photograph interesting and less viewed places "just around the corner" from the "big sights" and "tourist spots" and know others here do the same.


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