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...time to close that chapter. Even the pope already has resigned ;)

We'll do our best and try to find it. It was said that it has been stored somewhere. One of the Bremen town guides complained at the local TV Station about the sudden loss of such a piece of art. I would take it immediately. ;-) at least one of the snakes

...will send you a link to the Ireland album. You can see that cliffs of Moher then...

...that is clay? Exciting.

...that lady in white, left side, looks very greeky. Only 'she' does ;)

...sure that houses will stand the erosion furthermore?

Sort of 'living on the edge...'

This is the second oldest building completed in 1881. Apparently the roof was about to collapse and it was closed for some time before renovation was possible. Perhaps this was part of the problem:

The building was completed by 1881, on schedule and within budget. Per square foot, it was the cheapest permanent government building ever built.

Perhaps in twenty years this will again be a "fair" spot

Let's wait and see ;)

Ah, I see the age. Fairly recent, but it definitely should have been given a chance to age. It was far more interesting—and amusing—than far many other pieces of art I know. Of course I do not know of many shopping malls over here that would invest in any such specialized art in construction in the first place. All neutral and architectural blandness.

Updated view is here.


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