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The Maryland hills across the Potomac form a "painting" for this studio shop on the top floor of the Torpedo Factory. The white tent is probably for a traveling show involving horses.

It appeared windows and final touches were being made to the copper clad indentation between buildings. Front tiling is complete with side tiling in progress. Restaurants are back to full sidewalk dining for a bit before winter weather drives everyone inside.

This was the "inexpensive" option for food, some not so bad, in the area. Put it this way, $10 could get something where the norm is more like $20 per meal. The little places inside were apparently not doing well enough for the property lease holder, and no, it was not "destination eating" by any means, just a place to get the kids reasonably priced pizza down on the waterfront. So, close it down and have it sit vacant for two years—in hopes a destination dining experience will emerge! Reminds me of Today's Pizza on 8th. shut down years ago in hopes of cashing in on the "destination dining" now all over the street. Still vacant three years later and as of last week looking the same except plastered with city notices of building violations, including notice the city had secured a property found derelict, open to vermin and mischief and had been secured.

This was once a "rest area" stable for horses that were pulling tourist carriages down around the National Mall and monuments. Just now I realized I do not remember the carriages this summer either. The changes are all associated with the intense construction in the area between the freeway and the river with even the freeway alignment being modified.

Construction and freeway modifications have erased the stable and trees. Come to think of it I did not notice the horse drawn carriages down around the museums this summer either.

Your parliament example is exactly what is going on in the House of Representatives. That "GOP" majority is really a pretty right wing bunch that clings to some reality and sanity and a bunch, many without anything but rural or small town "business" or "farm" experience, that are deeply ignorant and ideological. For example many believe default would have no bad effects and some have said it would be a good thing. Of course they deny science too; no climate change, no evolution . . . So, there is a "majority" that requires holding together two warring camps. If they actually split the Democrats would take over the House and they'd be toast. The shutdown and skating near that black ice water of default has already damaged us severely.

Well, when some idiots defund and "shut down the government" guess what? It shuts down! Even the zoo and even this. The "feral toys" were on evening break when the photo was taken. Now they are locked in and the tots locked out. Unfortunately the city's budget, even its locally raised funds, are subject to Congress' approval and the wackos in Congress are now on the verge of having garbage pile in the streets unless their ransom demands are met.

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