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Cinza's conversations one would ever do that, Rabauli :)

Already shut down? Your mean Panoramio I presume. Still irritates me!

It was good to get back. After all these months of forced inactivity it was not easy, but a little bit of "normal" life is very, very good. The hardest part for me is just not going anywhere much. The Cannon has gathered dust too long. The iPhone is convenient for the occasional looks at what is pure routine, been there a thousand times with something maybe a bit different. Unfortunately winter cold and dreary is coming before a chance to do something interesting and different.

Nice curves! If it has to be "modern" this is the way I like it. No glass boxes!

yep that time arrived here too. though there is some difference in that colors. Was out today to catch the moods. Carried the ND-Filters with me I buyed these days.


This is normally an employee lot, open some weekends to the public for overflow parking. Beneath are complete maintenance and repair shops. The zoo side of the lot has a huge wall holding the hill and road open to visitors and even parking here I thought this wall only blocked view of a stream—until I saw a warning not to throw objects because people are working below.

...und Ick meene: Ick danke Dia :)

lg michael

Minidumpster diving by small people!

Herzlich bedankt, Reiner! Grüße, rabauli


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