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Is that a little light on top?

nossir, it's a summit cross. La Canna is 230 ft in height and the remnant of a huge volcano which existed until 40,000 years ago, thus until the last eruption of Filicudi Island. When eruption stopped, erosion immediately began to eat away the slopes. Today only this tower of solidified magma remains, which in fact was the former volcanic pipe. Such formation is called "neck". is choosen who cooks for him/she?


For comparison with the camouflage in fall. This is the same owl back in September. I normally find owl looking right back at me when I finally get a good view.

This agency has a large impact within government but is little known among much of the public. A very important function is to rule on many contractual matters and particularly on contractor claims. I knew it best as the General Accounting Office (GAO) but in some "reform" and politically driven period of "making the government accountable" the name got changed to reflect political views and what I consider dumbing down. It is now the Government Accountability Office; still GAO and still accounting. The building is in my opinion one of the worst examples of bland, almost Stalinist, monolith with a dash of nearly indecipherable "artistic" frills to prevent it being a complete block of concrete.

This "moat" is largely behind trees and shrubs and not particularly obvious even from the F Street entrance to the National Building Museum from which this is taken. The shot was with camera squeezed between a flanking tree and the building. Every time I see one of these things I remember the television and news story about a deer that jumped into one of these things near the White House and had to be captured and returned to Rock Creek Park.

This is high up inside the portico just outside the front entrance doors to the National Building Museum that is now housed in the old Pension Building. It is a rather strange thing, unlike any I have seen before, enumerating the nation's population and net worth at the time.

saudade Yes. Many of the Captain's photos bring that!

excellent panorama!
L+F Alex one would ever do that, Rabauli :)

Already shut down? Your mean Panoramio I presume. Still irritates me!


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