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Cinza's conversations one would ever do that, Rabauli :)

Ah, the old ways! One of my youthful memories was watching the kitchen people, mostly African-American, at a place I spent my summers working turning the washtubs of crabs (Callinectes sapidus) into the most wonderful crab cakes. That was down in the Golden Isles, the only place in the South I ever consider returning. It was a finger cutting, bleeding process for the novice, but they taught me how to strip a blue crab of its meat! Maryland crab cakes are good. Those were to dream of! Once in a while I do dream of them. Unfortunately, even here on the wonderful Chesapeake, a place where English explorers had fish jump into their pans, the blue crab has declined drastically. Oh well, as for your little things, after looking at that video of te Southerner having a try, I think I would just boil and eat them as crunches whole!

Get tired of Rome? Never! There are other European cities, Lisboa, Porto, Barcelona where I feel "at home" but Rome is the city I have said I will never be "though with" because of it layers. Notice all those were coastal. Rome is inland so it does not get my "salt water" gold star. What it gets is a combination of that wandering comfort in pedestrian only streets, wonderful outdoor drinking and eating, reasonably good food and most of all layers of history and differing cultures that could take a lifetime to explore. That church, the first Papal church (cannot remember its name at the moment) where one can walk the church in post Roman times but walk down stairs to find an ancient—by Roman times even—temple of Mithras. I have spent weeks in Rome, years, a lifetime would not be "enough." Unfortunately age and some recent spousal illness may limit the kind of travel I love, the unplanned, the walking and "no schedule" with sudden decision to take another approach. Damn Captain, my one regret at getting old is that my wandering, my list of places, probably exceeds my time! Now even this site, one I've enjoyed revisiting old and finding new places, is changing in what appears a limiting way. An old sea Captain friend of mine and I used to talk about a perfect end of life home—a ship in which seamen and those of us with time at sea could live and quietly slip over the side in a weighted canvas bag when the time came. He has gone and I like the idea more and more! Hit those good ports, watch for the green flash, linger on deck or whatever and even visit with people that know what it is like to see those beautiful sunsets, storms, ports (good and bad) and the feel of long ocean swells.

Yes, I have so many I am losing count and most of them are at one place! Two cats and a Chessie in the city and out in the country I've lost count of the minor grandpets, particularly beyond the ones that make a point of greeting me or are too large to miss like this one and the bottle baby that is large (pony size). Actually those are great grandpets since they belong to my granddaughter—I just have to lump the mob into a general category.

Already shut down? Your mean Panoramio I presume. Still irritates me!

It was good to get back. After all these months of forced inactivity it was not easy, but a little bit of "normal" life is very, very good. The hardest part for me is just not going anywhere much. The Cannon has gathered dust too long. The iPhone is convenient for the occasional looks at what is pure routine, been there a thousand times with something maybe a bit different. Unfortunately winter cold and dreary is coming before a chance to do something interesting and different.

Nice curves! If it has to be "modern" this is the way I like it. No glass boxes!

yep that time arrived here too. though there is some difference in that colors. Was out today to catch the moods. Carried the ND-Filters with me I buyed these days.


This is normally an employee lot, open some weekends to the public for overflow parking. Beneath are complete maintenance and repair shops. The zoo side of the lot has a huge wall holding the hill and road open to visitors and even parking here I thought this wall only blocked view of a stream—until I saw a warning not to throw objects because people are working below.

hehe... hält sich aber in Grenzen - bei dem hier... Das gibts schlechtere. Irgendwo.


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